Local and Virtual Paint Color Consultations

Exterior Paint Color Transformation

Do you stress out when you have to select paint colors? Have you made some bad choices in the past? Are you still living with those bad choices today? As a certified Color With No Regrets Paint Color Consultant, I can assist you in creating a beautiful paint color palette for your home. I do both local and virtual paint color consultations.

Sherwin -Williams' Ancient Marble Selected for a Staged  Master Bedroom 

When doing local consults, I will ask you some questions about your paint color needs and preferences and the mood you are trying to create. I visit and review the rooms to be painted taking into consideration the primary functions of the rooms to be painted, your existing furnishings, fabrics, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, the artificial and natural room lighting as well as the direction the room faces. I will administer simple color test to determine the saturation of color with which you are most comfortable. Based upon all of this information, I will give you the colors which will best suit the rooms you want to address. You will receive larger paint samples so you can see the colors better with instructions on how to test the colors in your rooms. I highly recommend that all parties affected by the color choices be present during the process so there are no surprises in the end.

Sherwin - Williams' Grassland Selected for a Staged Master Bath

During the virtual consults, I e-mail you a form which you complete giving me all of the information I need to select your paint colors. The form also enables you to upload pictures of the rooms to be painted. In addition, I do call you to discuss my conclusions and will then mail you the samples with the instructions for sampling.

Sherwin-Williams' Tradewinds Selected for a Staged "Beachy" Bedroom

Don’t continue to live with color mistakes. Color is the first thing visitors notice when entering your home. Make that first great impression. Surround yourself with beautiful color – it’s a truly uplifting experience. Contact me today.

~"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most." ~ John Ruskin 
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