Interior Redesign - An Inexpensive Makeover

Interior Redesign is applying interior design principles and our decorating abilities to magically make a room come to life using your furnishings. This service is ideal for someone who might be intimidated by the prospect of dealing with an interior design firm or for those who find that decorating shows don’t really prepare them to make decorating decisions for their needs.


When we come to your home to redesign a particular room, we talk with you about how the room is used; what you like and dislike about the room; what you consider to be the center of interest in the room; and what we can remove from the room and what must remain. Often times, when redesigning one room, we may shop other rooms in your home for furnishings to use. Sometimes, new art and accessories are added as well as new wall color recommendations. We can also assist with selection of flooring, countertops, lighting, wallpaper and window treatments and may be able to get you designer discounts on the merchandise. The actual redesign session can be two hours to an entire day depending on the number of rooms addressed. However, before we begin any work, we advise you about the timeframe involved and the cost.

Oprah Winfrey once said, “My home sings.” She could hardly contain her joy at finding and expressing her personal style. Does your home sing or does it just mumble? Why not give redesign a try? What have you got to lose?


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