Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sherwin-William's 2014 Color Mix

Yes, they are out - the fabulous new Color Mix from Sherwin-Williams for 2014  There's a palette for every taste from muted to bold.  Which colors have you used and why did you use them?  Is there a color in this 2014 collection that you might want to try?  How would you make it work in a room - an accent wall, painted shutters, painted doors, trim, the entire room, painted accessories, a painted ceiling?  Oh, the possibilities are endless.  

Trends in color are fun.  However, the colors should work with your flooring, furnishings, cabinetry, countertops, and artificial and natural  lighting.   If you are not good at picking colors for your home, why not let a paint color consultant help?  Save yourself a lot of time , money, and aggravation.  I'd be happy to choose the perfect hue for you.  Contact me today.  Isn't it time you tried a new look? 

Reasoned - a palette of mostly muted grays - a more logical, intellectual look 

Diaphonous - a collection of light, translucent, soft colors 

Curiosity - a palette of  organic colors inspired by nature

Intrinsic - a mix of colors that reflect cultural tendencies


Barbara Genda said...

Love the sand colours, light browns and the sawdust colour.

Anonymous said...

What is the paint color in your heading at the top? The one in the middle? I am in love with that color!

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