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Ideas from a Creative Decorator

Roseanne's Living Room - Perfect Color Repetition

In my decorating journeys, I meet many creative people. Roseanne D’A. grew up helping her mother decorate.  At a young age, she designed her bedroom in a pink and green color scheme and used ballerinas as a theme.  After getting married, she started thinking “outside the box” to decorate her own home within her budget. 

Roseanne Angled  This Patio Table to Enlarge the Lanai Dining Area 

She recently helped a friend redo her home.  They shopped at Goodwill and Salvation Army to find some items. Roseanne found a $1500 Casablanca fan at Goodwill which needed repair.  When she took it to the fan repair shop, the owner asked her what she paid for it.  Roseanne responded, “$20.”  It took another $30 to repair it. Her friend was delighted when she learned what a bargain she got. 

Baffled by what to do for an inexpensive window treatment for another friend, Roseanne bought some inexpensive bamboo table runners from Ross and made valences out of them. 

A Beautiful  Valence Created  from  Full-Length Drapery Panels for Her Master Bedroom  

Great Repetition of Color in Roseanne's  Master Bedroom

In  Roseanne’s opinion, a beautiful room has good color flow, a theme, and does not have too much furniture. A visit to her beautiful carriage home also shows that she likes to mix textures, shapes, and patterns.  You won’t find too much “matchy matchy”  furniture in her home. 

Roseanne Used Sherwin Williams, SW6361  Autumnal,  to Showcase Her Kitchen

In the smaller room within her master bath, Roseanne put a very large picture on the wall.  She likes doing the unexpected.  Needing to repeat the turquoise accent color on the wall behind her couch, Roseanne purchased a stencil and some acrylic paint in a craft store and added some turquoise designs to her existing artwork.  Likewise, in order to fix a bathroom mirror that had some chips in it, she found some small mirrored butterflies and glued them to the chipped areas.

Letters Hung on the Wall Invite You into a Spa-like Bathroom

Glued Mirrored Butterfly Appliques Address the Chips in This Mirror

Roseanne Cleverly Uses Stencils She Painted to Add Turquoise Color to Her Artwork 

As she decorated her carriage home, Roseanne visited many consignment shops and retail stores to put her furniture arrangements together.  Her challenges were to find pieces that would coordinate, have a mix of curvy and straight lines, and be in correct scale to one another.   She found her best buys and some of her favorite pieces in  consignment shops.  Her home is truly a testament to her great decorating skills. 

Roseanne Used Sherwin-Williams' Tigereye, SW6362 , on the Wall to Highlight Her Beautiful Buffet Purchased in a Local Consignment Shop

"I always start with a plan when decorating a room," explained Roseanne.  "Choose one piece of fabric, or an accessory to be your guide for color.  To make the room cohesive, use accessories that create a theme in the room.  For example, if you want to create an "old world" theme, use items that have that antique look or furnishings that have the lines of that era. You can mix in something classic like an animal print throw, too.  Don’t be afraid to use things in different ways.  Use  suitcases for an  end table.  Spray paint a rubber door mat and hang it on the wall. Use big accessories in small rooms.  Be creative and shop wisely. You'll appreciate the results better!"

The Results of Roseanne's Expert Consignment and Retail Shopping

If you've got a creative decorating idea that you've implemented, please leave a comment and tell us what it is.  You can also email me a picture at


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