Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sherwin-Williams Paint Color Transformations

How many of you struggle with paint color decisions? You see a beautiful bold color in a magazine and wonder what it would look like in your home.  As a paint color consultant, I help people select a color they love that works in their home. Paint color is a very personal thing.  What one person likes another may not.

I always start my paint color consultations with the question, "What mood/effect are you trying to create in this room?"  I then give my color test to determine the client's comfort level with paint color.  I also ask, "What's your favorite accessory in this room?"  I use the colors in that accessory as a leading pattern to help me narrow down a color that will work.  I also have to consider the  direction each room faces, lighting, furniture, flooring, and other permanent fixtures in each room.

In today's post, I show some  "before" and "after" photos of rooms that have been transformed with color both for me and my customers. Keep in mind that color has to fit the room and be a hue the client likes. All recommended colors are by Sherwin -Williams.

My Office Before Painting - Interactive Cream - SW6113
Although I  liked Interactive Cream - very warm color, I wanted more color around me as I worked.  I am a big fan of greens; they are relaxing, inspiring  and make a room cozy.  In going through my deck , I found  Ruskin Room Green, an older color of  Sherwin-Williams, to create the mood I wanted.  It's a color that goes with a multitude of greens - a good backdrop. 

My Office After - Ruskin Room Green - SW0042

Client's Bedroom Before 
These clients  had purchased a model home and were tired of the six-year-old paint colors.  The wife loved yellow-greens and the husband loved blue-greens.  The room looks washed out, doesn't it?

Client's Bedroom After - Halcyon Green - SW6213
We decided on a relaxing blue-green color called Halycon Green. What a difference it made!  I also used this color in another client's bedroom with a beautiful color called White Raisin SW7685. ( a rich yellow-gold color)  Coincidentally, this color combination is all over Ballard Designs current catalog.

Client's Master Bathroom Before
This color was not going to tie in with the master bedroom paint color. I decided on a more spa-like blue-green. 

Client's Master Bathroom After - Rainwashed - SW 6211

Doesn't this master bathroom look inviting?  I chose Rainwashed to create a more relaxing retreat.

Client's Foyer Before
These clients grew tired of this light yellow color and wanted some pizzazz in this same model home.  

Client's Foyer After - Walls - Wheat Grass SW6408
Niche - Brassy SW6410

I decided to use Wheat Grass, SW6408, on the walls to make the living room,kitchen and foyer flow.  I used Brassy, SW6410, as an accent color in this niche. This is the first thing you see when you enter the home. The homeowners loved it.

Client's Great Room Before
This client was a fan of blue and wanted a change from the pale blue she had.

 Great Room After -Poolhouse - SW7603 - Back Wall 
Side Walls -  Dockside Blue SW7601

Since the room was a long rectangle, I decided to use a darker blue on the end walls and a lighter blue on the side walls to make the room more square. These colors really brought the room back to life.  

Client's Kitchen Before
Here is the same model home shown earlier with the yellow paint color.   

Kitchen  After -  Main Walls - Wheat Grass SW6408 ;
Front Counter Wall - Brassy SW6410 
Again we used Wheat Grass on the walls which is really a little lighter than shown in this picture.  It's a very rich green with yellow-green undertones. Brassy, a darker shade of green with the same undertones, was selected to wrap around the front counter wall as an accent color.

As you can see, a change in paint colors can make a big difference in the feel and look of your rooms. In order to select the right color, there are a lot of variables to consider.

If you'd like some help transforming your rooms from boring to beautiful , contact me today at 904-553-0366 or  Why spend another day trying to figure out what paint colors will work?  


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