Friday, January 4, 2013

Engineered Hardwood Flooring - A Good Return on Investment

The Beauty of Hardwood Flooring

If you've been wrestling with the idea of installing hardwood floors in your home, take a look at the difference these hickory engineered hardwood floors made in my client, Sandy's, home.

I visited Sandy's lovely home in Southside to see her style and  listened to what look she wanted to achieve with the flooring in her master bedroom and family room.  We decided to go with a medium light wood. Then she met me at ProSource, my wholesale flooring store, where we looked at various kinds of wood floors.  Sandy selected a beautiful hickory engineered wood floor  by a company called LW.  She brought a sample to her home to see what it would look like and decided this was the floor that would meet her needs. 

Why Add Engineered Hardwood Flooring to Your Home?

1. It's a good  return on investment when selling your home.
2. Average lifespan of  a good engineered hardwood floor is 30 to 100 years.
3.Works well with many different decorating styles.
4.Offers easy maintenance. 
5.Offers insulation.
6.Is easier on the feet than tile.
7.Offers great variety in types of wood and finishes.
8. Is a green product.

Interested in bringing the beauty of hardwood flooring to your home?  Contact me today.  If there is a ProSource store in your state, I can make arrangements to let you visit the store and select the wood you like, saving you of lots of money. Hardwood floors have never been more popular.   My client Sandy would probably say, "Don't do without something you've been yearning for. It's more affordable than you think."

Family Room Before

Family Room After - Hardwood Flooring Installed
Family Room Before

Family Room After - Hardwood Flooring Installed

Master Bedroom Before
Mater Bedroom After - Hardwood Flooring Installed

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After - Hardwood Flooring Installed


Meredith Stalone said...

Ahhhhhhh! I can feel the awesomeness of this house! I have to take some rest here :) the view, the color of the house and the arrangement of this room makes me feel comfortable. I love it!

Never Paint Again

Mary said...

Thanks for your comment, Meredith. I felt the same way when I visited the home - very peaceful and relaxing.

Anonymous said...

 Engineered Hardwood Engineered hardwood is handled with three to five layers of hardwood. Every layer is stacked in a cross-grain arrangement and reinforced together under hotness and force. Subsequently, engineered wood deck is less inclined to be influenced by progressions in mugginess Property Owners flooring |  Apartment Laminates

Gurbachan Singh said...

Engineered Hardwood are made of a few layers, or "handles" that are stuck together in a cross-grain development. This sort of development is far stronger than a solitary bit of strong wood; and its additionally all the more structurally sound – it won't clasp, hole, glass or wind. Engineered Hardwood might be introduced underneath evaluation and guide to cement -strong wood grounds can't. The top front side is created from the finest Northern lacquers (which is just an industry term for 'top layer') that give the most uniform shade and the most imperviousness to seasonal extension.

Mary said...

Thanks for your comment. Engineered wood is indeed stronger than many people think.

Jenny Cindrella said...

Engineered hardwood always provides exotic appearance to our homes. You provide information is simply superb. That house is pretty. Thanks for sharing......

Mary said...

Jenny, thanks for your comment. Engineered hardwood flooring is a beautiful, durable, and low maintenance flooring option for a home. My home's engineered hardwood flooring was installed in 2007 and still looks brand new,

arpita said...

wow.. what a great article. I want this type of flooring. engineering flooring is so much looking good. I want to appreciate you for this awesome sharing.

David Martin said...

Hardwood is always durable flooring option. It provides classy look to our homes. Information about Engineered hardwood is excellent. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog. Keep it up....

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