Monday, August 13, 2012

Redesign of My Home Office

Current Office Painted in Sherwin-Williams' Interactive Cream, SW6113

I’ ve decided my home office needs a redesign – something to continue sparking my  creativity while keeping me calm.  Carpet, paint color, and furniture are being replaced.  After many months searching for furniture , I selected this Sligh computer desk because it affords me file space, computer space, and storage space. My library of design and small business books has grown as well as all of the design material samples I've gathered over the years. Although, I’m purchasing this brand new, I’m checking my local consignment shops for a few bookcases and a writing desk.  I would like my office to  have an eclectic look including a reading corner with  a comfortable chair, ottoman and reading lamp where I can catch a nap in between blog posts(LOL).

desk replace
Sligh Computer Desk

For paint color, I used a color green in a piece of artwork as my leading pattern and narrowed it down to Sherwin-Williams’ Lemon Verbena, SW 7726 and Ruskin Room Green, SW 0042.  Both colors are beautiful; Lemon Verbena has a little more punch to it.  Since you can see just a bit of my loft office on the second floor of my home from the first floor, the color has to tie in with my existing color scheme.    Which one do you think I’ll chose?  Leave a comment and let me know your favorite color.  Just remember both of these colors are darker than they appear in these photos.

B9D0FAAE20DARuskin Room Green - SW0042_14467.detail
Sherwin-Williams -Ruskin Room Green, SW0042

Lemon Verbena
Sherwin-Williams - Lemon Verbena, SW7726

The carpeting up my stairs to the second floor leading to my office and a back bedroom and bath is shot.  It was a cheap builder’s grade carpet that matted down terribly.  After much research, I’ve decided to go with a loop carpet – a berber in a light golden wheat tone.  This should give me the durability I need  and  will not mat.  My carpeting is from a small company called Gulistan which I purchased from my wholesale flooring store, ProSource. 

Gulistan Loop Carpet from ProSource

I hope to find a black bookcase such as the one pictured below for the wall across from my desk.  Don’t want the finish on the bookcase to be close to the finish of the computer desk – too “matchy matchy”. This black piece of furniture will ground the room.  Where did I read that you should always include something black in your rooms? Also, notice that it has legs which the desk does not. I don't like having all of my furniture sitting entirely on the floor.  Think I can find something like this in a consignment shop?  The hunt is on!

A Black Bookcase Like This Would Work

Here is a beautiful writing desk which I saw on Craigslist that just might do the trick. It's from a local consignment shop.  Will have to check the finish in person to see if it will complement  the Sligh computer desk.

A Writing Desk to Consider

Are you excited to see the final results of my new office? I've already painted it.  Community Hospice comes tomorrow to take my existing desk and my rug will be laid on Wednesday.  As soon as it starts to come together, I'll share photos with you.  Don't forget to leave a comment and guess which paint color I chose.  What about you?  Are you ready for a room redesign?  Redesigning a room in your home can lift your spirits. Contact me to schedule yours today.  Why wait another day? 


Morgan Peacock said...

Did you choose Ruskin room green or the other colour? Anyway, you made a good decision in redesigning your room. Share more photos of your newly painted office!

Mary said...

I did actually use the Ruskin Room Green which is featured in one of the Sherwin-Williams Designer Color Palettes. It is darker than it appears here. I will try to post some pictures of my newly redesigned home office. Just have been very busy with paint color consults and redesigns. Thanks for your comments.

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