Friday, June 29, 2012

Downsizing Delight

Preparing a Home for New Residents

It's been awhile since I've written because I've been busy doing stagings, color consultations, redesigns, decorating presentations and a downsizing project.

Living Room of  Apartment Before the Move 

After - Betty and Yvonne's Living Room - Walls Painted Kilim Beige, SW6106

In April of this year, I had the pleasure of doing a downsizing project for two elderly clients, Betty and Yvonne.  What characters and genuinely nice people they were!  The project involved helping them move from  their huge home on a golf course to a two-bedroom apartment in an independent living facility. Of course, they both wanted to take lots of things with them and had not really seen the layout of their particular unit.

Before - Living Room Wall Across from Couch
I first met with them to assess what they had and wished to take with them.  Can you imagine that Yvonne wanted to take a huge king-sized bed?  That was nixed right away. I took measurements of the furniture that we determined would go into their new place.  They had hired another company to auction off what they weren't taking.

After - Using Yvonne's Southwestern Furnishings in the Living Room

Next, I went to the apartment, floor plan in hand, to assess what space I had to place their furnishings. Mind you, we would be mixing Yvonne's southwestern style with Betty's more traditional style!  That in itself was a challenge. In placing the furniture I had to keep safety issues in mind because Yvonne was in a wheelchair.  I had to measure the width of  the wheelchair and ensure that she could move freely throughout the space without crashing into a piece of furniture.

Betty's Bedroom Before the Renovation and Move-in

The eventful day soon came. Our movers made two trips to get all of their furnishings and household items into their apartment. Yvonne was a bit emotional leaving her home.  She kept asking me, "Is it going to be pretty."  I assured her it would be. Both ladies did not want to see the apartment until it was completely furnished. They stayed in a hospitality suite in their independent living facility for two nights giving us time to get everything in place.  Finally, we were done and invited them in to see their new home.

After - Betty's Furnishings in Her New Bedroom
I was just praying that they would like the way I had arranged everything.   As they entered the apartment, I  could see their smiles.  Yvonne kept saying, "I just love it.  I love everything about it." Betty , too, was excited about her bedroom and bathroom and how we had arranged the rest of the apartment including the huge screened-in balcony.  I can tell you that many tears of happiness were shed that day by both the ladies and all involved in this project. All in all, it was a fun rewarding  job and I made two good friends as a result of it. Now Betty and Yvonne tell anyone moving into their facility to  hire me.  They are my best advertisers.

After - Furnished Space in First Picture at Top

Using a Woven Rug and Southwestern Placemat to Cover the Switchbox in Entryway
If you are downsizing into a smaller home in the Jacksonville, Florida area and need help, I'd love to assist you. Hiring an interior redesigner for move-in services saves you time and stress.  You won't be bringing too much furniture with you, either.  Contact me today at 904-553-0366 to learn about my downsizing pricing packages


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