Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can Paint Color Add Balance to a Room?

Just finished a paint color consultation for a lovely lady who attended one of my decorating presentations.  Upon entering her condo, I could see she had exquisite taste.  However, her walls were white and she longed for some color.  Forgot to bring my camera, but I am returning to take “before” and “afters” so I can show you what the actual paint colors look like on her walls and trim.

When I walked into her living room, something wasn’t right.  Although she had beautiful furnishings, the one side of the room had dark brown accessories ,and a couch paired with two striped chairs which also had a fair amount of brown in them.  On the other side, she had a very sleek Scandinavian Danish style entertainment center, very yellow-orange undertones.  The room was not balanced. 
I continued throughout the home and noticed that she had a lot of earth toned colors – greens, browns, and tans and she wanted a muted tan or beige color for her walls. She mentioned that she might like to try an accent color in a darker color at the top of her steps. 

I gave her my color test and it reinforced that she liked very muted colors.  After determining the saturation of color she wanted, I showed her a few colors I thought would go beautifully with her furnishings and give a nice cohesive look. We decided to paint  her condo in a favorite color of mine called Macadamia, Sherwin Williams #6142.  In the niche and on the wall behind the Scandinavian- looking  entertainment center , I moved down two chips on the same paint strip and used a color called Dapper Dan, SW 6144.  Both colors have yellow-green undertones and complement  the yellows and greens she has in her artwork, accessories and carpeting.  She also hated her extra white glossy trim and doors and opted for a color I selected called Creamy, SW  7012 , to make them appear warmer and tie them in better to the wall colors. 

I used  the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer to show you what these colors would look like in a bedroom because I couldn’t find a living room  that would truly give you the feel of all three colors.  The wall behind the bed is Dapper Dan – the accent color; the wall behind the dresser is Macadamia, and the window trim and wainscoting is Creamy.  Even this picture doesn’t give you enough of the difference in the colors that well.

Colors: Dapper Dan on Back Wall; Macadamia on Wall Behind Dresser; Creamy on  Trim

Can’t wait to see how this turns out because I know that the Dapper Dan will definitely balance the living room by bringing a dark  accent color to the other side of the room.   Stay tuned for the results! If you need some help finding balance in your rooms or creating a certain feeling in your home, contact me for a consultation.  I do both on-line and in-person paint color selecting.  It may save you a lot of money in the long run and help you balance your budget!


Aileen Collins said...

Very pretty and peaceful. What a wonderful spot to rest and reflect. Perfect paint color too. :)

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Mary said...


Thanks for your comment. Ideally, bedrooms should have restful, calming colors.

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