Sunday, March 4, 2012

Using Warm and Cool Room Color Schemes

Warm and Cool Color wheel

My last post mentioned a lot about mixing warm and cool color schemes.  We’re seeing  more of these combinations because our comfort level  with bright bold colors is changing.  What’s influencing this?  Perhaps the economic times – we need these  colors to make us forget our troubles and feel more optimistic about the future .  The Internet is filled with bright bold colors and the Millennials, the generation born between 1977 and 1998 who grew up knowing the Internet from their toddler days, have come to accept and like these warm and cool color schemes in their rooms and clothes.

When you mix a warm color such as red, orange, yellow, yellow-orange, red-orange, yellow –green with a cool color such as green, blue, violet, red-violet,  blue-violet,or blue-green, you get a powerful look.  If the colors are also opposites on the color wheel or complementary, you really have some exciting colors interacting because you have contrast. 

Think about what happens when you combine blue and orange, red and green, Color Wheel - Oppositesviolet and yellow,red-violet and yellow-green, blue-violet and red-orange.  If your comfort level with color can handle it and it works in your space, go for it.  Remember that you have to consider the lighting, existing furnishings, room direction, and constants like flooring and cabinetry in order to get it right.

Let’s take a look at some beautiful bold color schemes.  Which of these would you love to incorporate into your rooms?

Color Sizzle

Notice that that we have both warm and cool colors in this room as well as opposites with the fuchsia and chartreuse.  The white paint color allows the colorful furnishings to take center stage. 

Kwal Paint

This is a great combination of warm and cool and opposites – violet and yellow.  Notice how nicely the red serves as the secondary accent color.  It’s repeated in three different areas of the room.

Distinctive Living

Great drama is created  with the use of red-orange, blue, violet and turquoise in these adjoining rooms.  Notice how the turquoise window panes and the violet color around the windows is repeated in both rooms to tie them together. The front room has a combination of warm and cool colors ( more dramatic) and the back room is done in cool colors.  You can clearly see that the colors in the back room are much more closely related than ( closer on the color wheel) those in the front room. 

What is your comfort level with color?  Are you ready to create some excitement in your home?  Furnishings and paint colors that tap into combining warm and cool colors and/or complementary hues will give you the exciting room color schemes you desire.  Contact me today to create a  dramatic color script for you .


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