Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sherwin-Williams’ Grassland for a Kitchen

In my last post, I told you the story of a paint color consultation that I recently did.  The client was drawn to a blue-green color called Quietude, SW 6212, which appeared to be too overwhelming for the large living area so I recommended a softer color called Oyster Bay, SW6205, which also had blue-green undertones and would complement her furnishings.  I convinced her to consider using some softer green  in some of her other rooms.  Green and blue-green are next to each other on the color wheel so I knew they would be harmonious.

Sherwin-Williams Quietude

Oyster Bay
Sherwin-Williams Oyster Bay
Her kitchen was a problem because she didn’t want to use yellow, green, or beige.  When I initially showed her the color Brandywine, SW 7710, it looked beautiful up against her dark cabinets. She liked it because she had never had it before so we added it as a color to possibly consider.  

When I reached home, I decided to  create some color schemes on the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer in the colors we had preliminarily selected for her home.  I emailed the pictures of the rooms to her so she could get an idea of how the colors would look next to each other before she purchased the sample paint colors. The Brandywine in the kitchen was definitely too saturated to blend in with  the other more muted colors.

I recommended that since her granite countertops were Uba Tuba, a dark green-black color, she should use a soft  green color on the walls to accent them; the color would also complement her cabinets which had red-orange undertones. 

Uba Tuba Granite
Uba Tuba Granite in a Kitchen

The color I recommended was Grassland, SW 6163. Below is an idea of what the paint color would look like in a kitchen similar to hers. I was able to darken some of the countertops on the Sherwin-Williams' Color Visualizer to show you how nicely the green complements them. To get the real effect, you’ll need to disregard the island countertop and chairs.

Grassland and greenblack
Sherwin-Williams' Grassland in a Kitchen With Uba Tuba Granite Countertops


I’ve always loved green and black together.  This green doesn’t upstage the countertops but it does make a beautiful statement.  My client will need to test this color by painting poster board in Grassland and attaching  a piece of this to each wall that will be painted this color.  No one, not even a trained paint color consultant, can absolutely predict what the color will look like in the room.  Testing the paint color is always  highly recommended.
If your rooms are looking a little anemic right now, contact me for a color prescription.  Ask me about my current color consultation special. 


Anonymous said...

We have recently painted our living room sw grassland 6163 and it looks great.. how ever we are having a hard time coordinating colors to paint the joining kittchen and dining room. Any suggestions?

Mary said...


Send me some pictures of these rooms and I can discuss a color in a blog article here. You don't have to reveal your name online if you choose not to do so.

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