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Revitalizing Your Decor Presentation

Dr. Decor (Me) Talks About Room Remedies
In December of 2011, my dear friend, Nancy McTighe, invited me to speak about ideas to help the ladies of her Garden Club create new looks for their rooms at their meeting on March 22, 2012 at Deercreek Country Club.  I decided to give some information about how color; different textures, patterns, shapes, sizes in accessories; design trends;using items in different ways; and arranging furniture could reenergize their rooms.  To add a little humor to the presentation, I would  dress as Dr. Décor  and be there to give their anemic rooms some life.  

Nancy McTighe Introduces Doctor Decor

Before I knew it,  the eventful day arrived and what a terrific audience I had!  

My Attentive Audience - Some Took Notes!

I began with my favorite way to enliven a room – color.  Of course I highlighted the color orange in my presentation; most of my accessories featured that hue and it’s the color of the year.  Did you know that the color orange is associated with excitement, affection, radiance, warmth, friendliness, and a sense of home?  It’s also known to increase the appetite, induces relaxation, slows down the rate of blood flow, increases the potential for sleep, promotes circulation, and can help relieve muscle cramps? If you’re afraid to paint an entire room orange, try an accent wall or bring the color in with orange accessories.  Good rooms to use orange in are the dining room, family room, formal living room, guest bedroom, guest bath and your foyer. 

Doctor Decor Tells the Audience About the Color of the Year

Patterns can also give a room a “wow” factor.  The trick is to use  at least three different patterns in a room and ensure they relate to one another as far as color, scale, and character. You wouldn’t put a wild contemporary pattern in a Victorian style room.  Stripes can be used with every pattern – they are considered a neutral pattern ,so to speak. For additional information about patterns click that word to read another article I wrote.

Linda George's Beautiful Outfit Complements the Patterns in the Picture
I asked the audience what their definition of “texture” was and received a variety of responses.  Texture is the roughness or smoothness of an  object.  (Sounds scientific, doesn’t it? That’s the doctor in me coming out!) By bringing different  textures into a room, you are adding an element of interest.  How do you bring texture into your rooms?  When using accessories mix glass, metal, ceramic, wood, cork, clay, greenery  and paper in your arrangements.  Incorporate  rugs on the floors and walls  of your home.   Try a cork floor!

Cork Floors Are Easy to Maintain and Hypoallergenic

To Add Texture, Add Area Rugs  to Your Decor

When adding accessories to your rooms, think about incorporating different shapes and sizes.  Take a look at your living or family room. I’ll bet that most of the shapes in there are rectangular.  Try to include some round shapes into the room to create warmth and comfort.

IMG_0724 (2)
Keep It Interesting - Vary the Shapes of Accessories

Did you ever think of spray painting a door mat and hanging it on the wall? Look at the interest this adds to the wall. This brings texture and pattern into a room.  What else brings texture into this room? Think about using things in different ways for a surprising effect. 

Door Mat
A Spray Painted Door Mat Adds Elegance to This Room - Pinterest

Consider current trends to recharge your rooms.  Vinyl graphics, dress forms, frames, furnishings with nail heads, large artwork, reclaimed wood furnishings, painted furniture, and mercury glass accessories are just a few of the  design items currently in vogue . Industrial and mid-century looks are making a comeback.

Frame #4 -
Vinyl Graphics and Empty Frames Are Quite the Current Trend

Last but not least, consider rearranging your furniture.  Is there a chair in the bedroom that you could move into the living room or vice versa?   Can you open up the room more by angling the furniture?  Is the room too cluttered with furnishings?

This Furniture Arrangement Promotes Easy Conversation - Traditional Home

As part of my presentations, I usually give away some decorating items.  Here are a few more  winners!

Mary Lou Roberts Has Plans for This Wreath

Arlene McDermott Waits to Open Her Gift

Dottie Patterson Also Wins

When I returned to the decorating hospital (LOL), I received an email from our lovely photographer for the event, Maryann Grauwiler.  It said, “Your program was fabulous – very interesting and informative.  We enjoyed it very much.”  
If you’d like Doctor Décor to speak at your club meeting,  contact me.  I promise,  it’ll be a healing experience!


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