Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Creating Harmony and a Little Contrast With Paint Colors

I had the pleasure of  doing a  whole house paint color consultation yesterday.  This home was about 2200 sq. ft. The owner wanted a cozy, peaceful feel in the home and favored Sherwin-Williams paints which I love.  She had purchased many cans of sample paint and her walls revealed it!  A neutral saturation of  blue–green was appealing to her for most of her home.  I recommended a color called Oyster Bay, SW 6206, which is a very calming color and can sometimes also look a bit gray. Her couch and rugs had a bit of this color in them.  For her dining room , she wanted to stay in the same color family so we chose a darker color called Retreat, SW 6207. 

I convinced her to try  a beautiful  green color  called Ancient  Marble, SW 6162, in her master bedroom and a darker green called Svelte Sage SW 6164, in her master bathroom.  To unify both rooms I also suggested that she use the Svelte Sage just on the side  rim of her tray ceiling in the bedroom. In addition, I recommended using Svelte Sage, SW 6164, for the back wall of her home office to make the wall advance and diminish the rectangular boxy feeling of the room.  The rest of that room was painted  Ancient Marble, SW 6162.

In her laundry room we used a color related to the Oyster Bay called Comfort Gray , SW 6205.  Ideally, when using paint colors from the same strip, I like to have them two to three chips apart for a nice contrast.  However, the homeowner wanted more color than the recommended hue Sea Salt, SW 6204.  We also used this color in her largest guest bedroom and bath and returned to Ancient Marble for her smallest guest room.  

For her kitchen, she wanted a little drama; however, she didn’t want green, tan, green-blue  or yellow.  I suggested a beautiful color called Brandywine, SW 7710, which is a hue with orange undertones – almost looks red-orange which would go beautifully with the red-orange undertones in her cabinets and contrast nicely with the Oyster Bay.  The green / blue-green combination works because the colors are next to each other on the color wheel. On the otherhand, the orange provides a nice contrast to those colors.

Take a look at some of these beautiful  paint colors in the rooms below.  Let me know which color is your favorite. I tried to give you an idea of what the colors would look like  using the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer. These are not the rooms in the home in which I provided a color consultation.  They are simulations  being provided so you can see the colors I recommended. My client is first going to test the colors on poster board to ensure that they meet her approval - what everyone should do!

Brandywine Kitchen
Rich  Brandywine, SW 7710, Enhances the Countertops and Cabinets in This Kitchen

Living Room Retreat and OysterBay
Retreat, SW 6207, Becomes the Accent Wall Color On the Fireplace Wall; Oyster Bay, SW 6206, on the Walls -  a Tranquil Look

Ancient Marble and Svelte Sage
My Favorite Greens - Ancient Marble , SW 6162, Behind the Bed and Svelte Sage, SW 6164, Behind the Dresser

Ancient Marble and Oyster Bay
Oyster Bay, SW 6206, in the Foyer;Ancient Marble, SW 6162, in the Front Room

Cloud inside Oyster Bay outside
Two Closely Related Colors -  Comfort Gray, SW 6205, in the Front Room and Oyster Bay, SW 6206 in the Foyer 

Are your walls starting to look like a patchwork quilt because you just can’t pick the right paint colors?  Contact me to select the perfect palette that will create harmony and balance in your home.  It’s worth the investment.


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