Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Combinations That Work

Haven’t written about paint color in a while so I thought I’d dabble in that a bit in this post. I recently did a redesign on a home – new flooring, kitchen countertops, and paint color.  The homeowner purchased new cream-colored cabinets and wanted more of a contrast so I searched for a color that would also complement the adjoining color, Interactive Cream SW 6113 ( one of my favorites).  I went over into the Sherwin-Williams’  Concepts in Color paint deck and chose a beautiful color which I had never used.  It was called Tamarind, SW7538 and it worked perfectly in the space.  I’ve featured it in the picture below on the staircase wall.  I used a warm white called Antique White SW6119 for the trim in both rooms which has yellow undertones like Tamarind does.    In the front room, I chose a color with  green undertones called Universal Khaki, SW 6150.   Green is a very calming  neutral color and can be used in just about any room. 

Tamarind, Univ. Khaki Antique white
Sherwin-Williams Universal Khaki SW6150, Antique White, SW 6119, and Tamarind SW SW7538
For those of you who prefer  white trim, take a look at the same rooms using a whiter trim color called Creamy SW 7012. Personally , I like the whiter trim.  It definitely complements the rug in the living room better.

Tamarind, Creamy , Univ. Khaki
Changing the Trim Color to Creamy SW 7012
 In the next picture, I decided to complement the black and white scheme going on and bring in the earth tones in the rug.  I used Collonnade Gray, SW7641, on the walls (blue-green undertones)  and Baked Clay (red-orange undertones), SW 6340  on the chairs.  This creates a very dramatic look because blue-green is the opposite of red-orange on the color wheel.  In addition, I  combined  cool  and  warm colors which also creates drama.

Collonade Gray and Baked Clay
Sherwin-WIlliams - Collonnade Gray, SW7641, and Baked-Clay, SW6340
In this last picture, I’ve created a very light airy room by choosing Hazel, SW6471, a beautiful blue-green color for the main walls and Tupelo Tree, SW 6417, a yellow-green, for the accent wall .  I’ve used Restoration Ivory, SW 6413, a very pale yellow-green hue, on the ceiling.   This is a room that can take a lot of color because it is so bright.  My choice of colors was influenced by the yellow-orange undertones in the  cocktail table and floors as well as the lime-colored accent pillows. The tertiary colors yellow-orange, yellow-green and blue-green  are very harmonious and soothing. 

Hazel, Tupelo Tree, Restoration Ivory
Tupelo Tree, SW 6417, Hazel, SW6471,and Restoration Ivory, SW6413

Changing the Ceiling Color to Surf Green, SW 6473, brings the high ceiling down

To bring the high ceiling down, I selected a color a few shades darker than the wall color Hazel which is called Surf Green, SW6473. Incorporating some blue-green and yellow-orange accents in this room would also make the look more cohesive.

If you are having difficulty figuring out a color scheme for one of your rooms, contact me.  There are many beautiful color combinations that will work if the lighting , room direction,  flooring, and furnishings are right.


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