Saturday, February 4, 2012

Perception Marketing–My New Service

Bad BAth
 A Bathroom Needing Perception  Marketing

 Have you ever had a bad experience in a new restaurant?  Maybe the food was lousy or the waiter was rude.  Did you ever return to that restaurant or did you decide that was your last visit?  Did you ever visit a company’s website and click to another site because there was just too much information to digest?   Did you ever throw away a person’s business card because you couldn’t read it?   Did you ever decide not to buy a house because of its untidiness or foul odors? First impressions are powerful and can really help or hurt a business. 

As a home stager, my job has been perception marketing – changing a potential home buyer’s perception of a home by showing its potential.  This very same marketing approach can be applied to businesses to make them more profitable.  Perception marketing is all about creating a strong effective  branding message for a company.   A company’s branding is the core of its being.  It’s not just its logo, company name, colors or tagline. It’s the consumer’s perception of the overall purchasing experience with a company.  It affects whether a consumer will purchase or continue to purchase from a company.  Wouldn’t you say that’s important?  Don’t you want to do business with a company  that has its act together, is pleasant and eager to please you?

Being a small business owner, I’m constantly  reviewing all of my operating procedures, my forms, my marketing materials and my on-line presence. I’m contemplating how something went and how I can improve upon that service the next time.  I keep in contact with all of you through my blog and my customers also receive my monthly newsletter.  I have worked diligently to create a good business presence to experience growth and I now want to help other small business owners do the same.

I have started another blog until I can get a new website to showcase both my decorating/staging and new business perception  marketing services. The name of my new blog is Making Your Business the Star.  You can access it by clicking its name. I’m going to be mixing it up a little over there by posting some marketing, branding, and communication strategies for small businesses and telling the story of a lady named Susan , a home stager who has become disenchanted with her business.  I’ll be taking my readers on Susan’s journey to Success!  If you’d like to join us , subscribe to my new blog to receive my posts.  You can also become a follower.  That blog is on Word press which I finally figured out how to navigate.  I found a star-themed template which ties in with the name of my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading my posts on that site and will forward them to your friends.  You’ll see the services I provide and a little more information about my background.  By the way, if you’d like to leave a comment on a post over there, you need to click on the cloud-like image on the post until I can figure out how to get the comment box to appear below the post.  Believe me.  This has been a technological journey for me.


Linda Leyble said...

Hey sounds good Mary - I will venture over to take a look. Like the name very much - and it sounds like you have a great idea.

Head over to my blog - I am doing a great Giveaway (a handpainted color fan deck).


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