Monday, January 30, 2012

Design Trends for 2012

What design trends are making a statement in 2012?   We already know the hot color is Tangerine Tango.  My friend Judy and I were shopping (favorite hobby) yesterday and could not believe all of the orange we saw in the clothing and the furnishings.  Have you been noticing that , too?  I purchased a fitness top in an orange color because I have been telling the people in my strength training class about the predominance of that color this year. Might as well personally advertise it!

Books Adding Color - Houzz
Orange Makes a Bold Statement in This Room - Houzz

If you read my post on 2011 Decorating Trends I Like, you'll notice some similar styles that are continuing into this year. In addition to orange, we'll see lots of shades of gray from warm to charcoal  in furnishings. Yellow will be featured a lot with gray.

Yellow and Gray for 2012
Pops of Yellow Are Repeated in This Gray-Schemed Room -Jennifer Brower Designs

As in 2011 , manufacturers of furniture will include natural and reclaimed woods  in their furniture pieces giving them a very rustic look.

Reclaimed Wood and Metal Wheels Create a Rustic Coffee Table

Walk through a lighting store or the lighting section of Pottery Barn or Ballard’s and you'll see some examples of repurposed lighting – reclaimed pieces that have been turned into lamps and lighting fixtures. Could you see one of the fixtures pictured below in your home?

Bottles, Paint Cans, and Mason Jars Repurposed Into Lighting Fixtures -

The industrial look in design will also continue to be a popular trend.   Don’t you  love dining in a restaurant that has brick walls, exposed piping and a raised ceiling which have been painted black?  I love this look. Always wondered what it would be like to live in a loft apartment in an old factory in  some big city.

 This Loft Apartment Epitomizes the Industrial Look

The next time you're in Home Goods, take a look at the chairs.  You'll notice the seating is getting lower, isn’t it?  Chairs and sofas are sitting closer to the floor. I remember this fad back in the 50's.  (Yes.  I was alive  then!!)   The standard size for a lounge chair is 20” from the ground.  Manufacturers are now making chairs 17”-18” off the floor to fit in smaller homes. Have you purchased a slipper chair for your home?

Lower Seating in Couches and Chairs for 2012 -

Oversized photography and artwork are also making the 2012 scene by infusing a very dramatic look into  interiors.

A Large Piece of Artwork and Orange Accents Make A Bold Statement - Garrish Designs

Tile flooring that looks like wood will remain popular in 2012.  This might be a less expensive flooring option depending upon the type of tile you select.  You'll get the look of wood but not the softer feel.

Wood tile floors - Houzz
Tile Floors Masquerade As Wood - Houzz

In 2012, we’ll continue to see metallic tiles by themselves or mixed with other types of tile.

Metallic Backsplash2
A Solid Metallic Backsplash Reflects Light in This Kitchen - Jamie Laubhan Oliver
Beautiful  vibrant wall  coverings will continue to enhance homes in 2012.  They were so popular in the 80’s and then vanished.  Now, they're back better than ever.  You’ll also see  rectangular sinks in unique as well as traditional white finishes in  bath design. 

Square Sinks - Houzz
Bold-Patterned Wallpaper and a Rectangular-Shaped Sink Reflect Design in 2012 -Rachel Reider Interiors 

What other design trends are you seeing this year?  Do you like them or do you wish they would disappear?  Notice how the past is being repeated?  It's a sign of the times.


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I've always liked pairing yellow with gray or any other bold bright contrasting color for that matter. I like the bathroom in the last picture. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

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