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Curvy Furnishings = Cozy Rooms

House Beautiful

A recent article in my local newspaper, The Florida Times Union, caught my eye.  Apparently, Oregon State University conducted a study  that revealed “people react more positively to and prefer to socialize in spaces filled with curvy forms and shapes as opposed to rectangles.  Round objects add to a room’s approachability."

"Curvilinear forms create warmth," said Sibel Dazkir, a doctoral student in design and human environment who conducted the study. "They're associated with organic forms found in nature."

In this study, more than 100 undergraduate students viewed four gray-scaled computer-drafted room interiors.  Two of the rooms contained rounded furniture and the other two rooms had rectangular furniture.  The participants found that they were much happier , more hopeful, comfortable and relaxed in the rooms with the curvier furniture than the sharp-angled rooms.

I can understand the results of this study because curvy or rounded furniture opens up a room and makes one feel less confined.  Round furnishings like tables and mirrors soften a room’s hard edges.  A curved chair can soften the straight  lines of a table.  Curved furnishings are gracious and  may make people  feel more relaxed.   Therefore, they are well-suited for living rooms and bedrooms.

Take a look around your home.  Do any of your rooms include curvy or rounded furnishings?  My guess is that  we all have a tendency to use more rectangular- shaped  furnishings.  Why not try cozying up your rooms with a few of these ideas?

Marys Pictures 002
Encore Home Staging and Redesign 

 When accessorizing, incorporate round or curvy accents.  On this buffet table in my foyer, notice the round balls, pumpkins and curved container.  They soften the rectangular shape of the mirror and the lampshades.

J Banks Designs

In this picture, we have a curved buffet table, round dish, and round-circled pattern in the wallpaper to soften  the rectangles in the four wall pictures and make the room a little less formal.

Bed2 sham placement -knightmovesblog
The circles that border the mirrors, the curved lampshades as well as the curvy designs in the rug and footboard of the bed create a relaxed feeling even in the presence of the striped bench.

Flower Pot and Croissant
Sherwin -Williams Color Visualizer
Notice how the curved lines of the chair and the round table soften the cold industrial look of this kitchen.  


A round table and the curved shape of the chairs cozy up this contemporary room.

Laura Manning Bendik
Laura Manning Bandik for Houzz
Who wouldn’t love to listen to music in this room? A round rug with circles on the  border, the  round-shaped back of the chairs and the round balls on the lamp base create a relaxing  mood. 

I hope you will take the time to incorporate some round shapes or curvy lines to your d├ęcor and let me know if you feel more relaxed in the room.  Remember try to think outside the box!  (rectangular lines)


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