Friday, December 16, 2011

Why Hire A Certified “Paint Color Picker”?


 I love color. Within the past two years,I participated in two paint color trainings , Color With No Regrets and Sensational Color for Your Home.  As a result, I became certified as a paint color consultant, or as people sometimes call us a “paint color picker”.  There’s not a day goes by that I don’t read an article about color.  I do this for my own enjoyment and to enhance my knowledge of the science of picking paint colors. Last evening, I took a webinar about the new color trends for 2012-2013 to confirm what they are and why they are happening – very interesting subject matter! Hope to to do a post soon to clue you in on what I learned.  If you are “into” color like I am , you will love it! 

In this post, I have included "before and "after" photos of a home for which I selected paint colors. The brick and the roof had red-orange undertones.  I decided to use Sherwin Williams colors on the house which had orange undertones .  For the front door, and house numbers , I recommended a blue  which is the complement to orange.  It adds a great "pop" of color also because the house color is a warm hue and the door color is a cool hue.  To create more drama, mix complementary colors whereby one is a warm color and the other is a cool color.  In addition, use a satin, or semi-gloss finish on your front door to emphasize it.

Before -  Sample Paints Tried on the House

 A few days ago , I stumbled upon a discussion board about paint colors on the Internet. The first post read: “My wife wanted to change the color of our house so I left the color picking up to her. Well, she picked out like three or four different colors, selected the color, and then went out to Sherwin Williams and bought the paint. So, now that the paint is up on the house she claims that she hates the color ‘she’ chose. I say, ‘ Well,  we spent all this money on the paint now it will have to stay up there for a few years because the paint is too expensive to be changing like it's water.’  She got upset with me and said, ‘I want to live in a house where I enjoy driving up to.’ I told her,’Well, maybe you'll have that feeling in a few years.’ “

Before - Sampling a Color I Recommended

This is a typical thing that happens when homeowners are in a rush to get their homes painted and think they can do it on their own.  They spend lots of money with no guidance, are unhappy with the results, and have to live with their mistakes.  Wouldn’t it have been much better if these folks had called a paint color picker like me who would have selected the right colors for their home? 

After- Revitalized! - My Recommendation:  - Dhurrie Beige,SW7524, on the House

A certified paint color picker is trained in the undertones of paint colors.  They take into consideration the direction the house faces, the color of the roof, the color of the stone or brick and windows ,the other homes in the neighborhood, the landscaping.  They know the right hues,  saturations, values, and finishes that will make the home attractive and blend in with its surroundings.

Before - A Dark and Dreary Entrance

The next time you want to pick paint colors for the exterior or interior of your home and you don’t want to live with a costly mistake for five to seven years or hate how your home looks every time you pull into the driveway, hire a certified  “paint color picker”.  If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, contact me so I can pick the right paint colors for you. I’d love to meet you  and help you  pick paint colors that will make you proud to “drive up to your home”!

After - A Bright Welcoming Entryway - I Recommended Rainstorm - SW6236 - for the Door  and House Numbers in a Satin Finish

After - The Finished Product - Trim in Kestral White, SW7516

Color is a matter of taste and sensitivity.” ~ Edouard Manet  - French Realist Impressionist Painter 1832-1883


Linda Leyble said...

Hey Mary...

Very good blogpost about "color picking." The home you did the selections for - beautiful! Such a difference. I just redid the colors of my house...but only the trim, the new columns my husband made (yeah!), the garage doors and the front door. What a huge difference it made. I will have to post some before and afters.

Thanks for your support over the years...and Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Mary said...

Thanks , Linda. You have been a great friend and I so appreciate that you took the time to leave a comment. Have a Merry Christmas!

Katie said...

Love your site here. Wish you were here in Texas! We will be painting the exterior of our house this spring/summer. We live in the country with lush greener surrounding us. Currently the house is sage green, forest green trim and burgundy accents. Brown porch and brown tin skirting. Not sure if we should go with yellow & white or a form of beige/tan with black shutters and white trim maybe. Just throwing around ideas right now.

Mary said...


I'd need to see a picture of your home to give you any direction. What color scheme do you have going on inside? It's nice when the outside colors transition beautifully to the inside. Email me a picture of your home and we can discuss.

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