Saturday, November 12, 2011

How Much Is a Home Buyer’s First Impression Worth?

A Home Buyer's First Impression Could Be Costly

Years ago, I was a real estate agent in New Jersey. I remember taking two of my clients to see what I considered to be  the perfect home for them.  As we approached the property, I noticed that my buyers were not enthused.  Suddenly, the husband turned to me and said, “We don’t want to see this home because it has statues outside.  If there are statues outside, there’s something wrong with the people living inside!”  After persuading them to see the inside, they reluctantly toured the  home  but did not purchase it.  That first impression killed the deal.

Could These Statues Turn A Buyer Away? 

Statistics  show that it takes  buyers approximately 15 seconds to decide if a house is a place they’d like to call home! A buyer has to make an emotional connection with a home in order to purchase it and first impressions are critical in forming that bond. 

A recent article on the Active Rain blog mentioned that real estate agent, mogul, and  contributor to NBC’s  Today Show, Barbara Corcoran, emphasized the importance of  home staging in creating that first impression when she appeared on the Nate Berkus Show.  Barbara told Nate, “Home staging is no longer an option.  It makes a difference of a house selling or not…Home staging makes the biggest difference on first impressions.  People walk in and feel like  ’I want to live here.  It feels like like I could see myself living here.’ ”

Real Estate Expert - Barbara Corcoran - Source

When asked what value home staging had on a buyer’s first impression,  Barbara said it was 5%-7% of the value of what the home was worth.  On a home priced at $300,000 that amounts to $15,000 to $21,000! If you are hesitating about having your home staged, think again. Don't let those statues outside cost you a deal!  Have your home professionally staged so it sells faster and for a higher price.



Pia's blog said...

For the home sellers,it is said that a first impression is a lasting impression. Remember that the absolute first impression a potential buyer gets is from the outside of the home.
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Linda Leyble said...

Great post Mary! It's so true. Seems like a simple enough thing to ditch things that may turn a buyer off (like statues) and hire a home stager to help...but I still see so many houses online (and in person) that look terrible. They could fix their problems by hiring competant home stagers...yet many persist in doing it their way.

Love your blog - keep posting!


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