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Creating a Beautiful Master Bedroom–Part 2

Bedroom 2nd post
A Well-Coordinated Master Bedroom -

My last post discussed pointers for creating a beautiful master bedroom such as deciding upon the functions of the room, lighting, storage, and furniture placement.   Let’s take a closer look at  some of these factors and others which you should consider.

Bed 2 over bed. Andrew Zellinger for Houzz
Artwork Hung Above the Bed Should Fill 2/3 the Space - Andrew Zollinger for Houzz

Most bedrooms that you see are very symmetrical – an identical mirror image on either side of the bed.  Although it is not absolutely necessary to have two nightstands and two table lamps, if you are staging your home for sale, it is better to create a symmetrical arrangement in the master bedroom.

Bed 2 -Symmetry Jennifer Beckstein Interiors
Perfect Symmetry in This Master Bedroom - Jennifer Beckstein Interiors

Color is the most powerful element that you should consider when planning your master bedroom design. It affects emotions, physical-well-being and promotes certain activities.  Pale blues or lavenders induce sleep.  Pale pinks can be emotionally healing. Greens tend to be physically healing and browns are nurturing and grounding.  Keep this in mind when selecting your artwork, rug, bedding, and window treatments which will be the springboard for your color scheme.

Bed2color Jamie Herzlinger
A Color Combination That Promotes Sleep - Jamie Herzlinger for Houzz

If possible, place your bed on the wall opposite the entry door. Ideally, your bed should be on the longest wall in full view of the doorway since it is the focal point of the room and to allow room for your nightstands.  Wherever you place your bed, try to leave at least 24 inches all around it so you can walk around it easily.

Bed 2 -poper placement of bed HB
Place Your Bed Opposite the Door - House Beautiful

Wall-to wall carpeting is better suited for bedrooms than any other room in the house.  With the popularity of tile and hardwood floors in master bedrooms, many homeowners opt for area rugs. When choosing an area rug, make sure it's large enough to comfortably sit your bed and nightstands; it should extend 6-12 inches beyond the outer edges of the nightstands and the end of the bed.  As an alternative, smaller area rugs can be used on the sides or front of the bed. It's also alright to place a small area rug on top of a wall-to-wall rug to add color or contrast especially bedside.  

An Area Rug Adds a Warm Touch to This Master Bedroom - Decor Pad

Your nightstands need not match but should be of approximately the same height to keep lamps at the same level.  They should be a little  higher than  the mattress.

Bed 2 Nightstands height- Christi Holcombe for Houzz
Nightstands and Lamps of the Same Height  - Cristi Holcombe for Houzz

A Desk and Nightstand Keep the Lamps at a Similar Height - Jessica Bennet

Likewise, your table lamps do not have to be identical but should show the same level of formality.  They should be approximately the same height, 27-30 inches high, or no more than 1-2 inches in  difference.  The bottom of your lampshades should be higher than your eyes when sitting in the bed and lower than the on/off switch on the lamp. 

Bedroom2 diff tables-and lamps -AliceLane
Different Lamps Match in Color and Type of Lampshade - Alice Lane

Try to include a place to sit in your master retreat.  A simple chair or ottoman-type bench will suffice if space is tight.  It's nice to have a spot to  "chill out", tie your shoes or read a book.

A Chair and Ottoman and Bench Provide Seating Areas in This Master Retreat - House Beautiful

Sensuous bedding and a great mattress can  create an inviting room that facilitates a great night’s sleep.  Down pillows and upholstered headboards also add much comfort.  In addition,  bedding should include the top and fitted bottom sheet , a blanket, and comforter and possibly a bed skirt (standard drop to floor is 14"), if needed, or bedspread.  A king-sized bed, which requires a mattress 76” wide and 80” long, can handle three European shams (square), three standard shams. and two boudoir pillows  (small rectangular).  If you have a smaller master bedroom, you may need a queen-sized bed which requires a mattress 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.  You can place two European shams, two standard shams and two boudoir pillows on this size bed.  When arranging your bed, place the European shams next to the headboard, then the standard shams, and finish with the boudoir pillows or a long bolstered pillow. If you don't have a headboard, you can prop the pillows against the wall and hang artwork above them or stand a screen behind the bed  to create the look.

Bed2 sham placement -knightmovesblog
A Well-Dressed Bed - knightmovesblog

Before buying your furniture, it’s a good idea to measure your doorway or hallway to ensure that your purchases will fit into the room. As I mentioned before, you may need to incorporate a bureau or chest of drawers into the room for storage if you do not have enough closet space.  In a small bedroom, your dresser may have to also serve as a nightstand and you'll have to break the bed table height rule. 

I hope you have found these tips helpful in creating  your own master retreat. Which guideline did you find most beneficial?

~"Sometimes the cure for restlessness is rest" ~ Colleen Wainwright


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