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10 Clever Holiday Decorating Ideas

A Staircase Adorned With Gold Ornaments - Houzz
I am starting to feel guilty.  It’s November and I haven’t written a Christmas decorating article, yet!  As I have been galivanting about  these past few months, I started noticing some Santas springing up in stores as early as September!  It was just amazing.  I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is this week.  In this post, I’m going to fast forward you to the week after Thanksgiving.  You’re now five pounds heavier and  have the arduous task of putting away all of the little pumpkins, fall leaves, and turkeys and hauling out those Rubbermaid containers of Christmas decorations.  By then, you’ll have read this post and have some  creative ideas to embellish your home for the holidays. 

This year why not try a decorated letter on your front door instead of a wreath. Just purchase the first initial of your last name at Michael’s Craft Store and some berry sprigs.  Cut the berries off the sprigs and glue them to the letter, tie some burlap ribbon through it, tie  into a bow, and attach to your wreath hanger.  You might be a trendsetter on your street.

Christmas Letter - Pinterest
A "Berried Letter"  for Your Door- Pinterest

If you insist on a wreath, why not wire three together and hang them from your wreath holder; use twigs for the arms; and dress in mittens, a scarf, and hat.

Christmas - Pinterest
Wreaths Dressed for Winter - Pinterest

Are you fortunate enough to have architectural niches in your home?  Don’t ignore them; highlight them with holiday accessories.  The picture below shows some holiday greenery in a silver container and an attractive wreath in a foyer niche.  What a nice way to welcome your holiday guests!

Christmas nIche - BHGapture
Including a Niche in the Holiday Decorating - Better Homes and Garden

How about a monochromatic tablescape?  Instead of red or green, use a white runner, Paperwhite  flowers in silver containers, some candles on silver candleholders and spray some pine cones white or silver. Complete the look with your white china, white or silver placemats and white napkins.

Christmas Table - Houzz
A Wintery White Festive Tablescape - Houzz

Here are some clever ideas for your fireplace area.  This homeowner created a faux fireplace area with a mantel.  She  made a candleholder out of a log which  she displayed in the middle of the mantel.  To balance the arrangement, she placed a white potted poinsettia on each side and interspersed some Christmas accessories throughout the vignette.     On the floor, she filled a container with greens, pine cones, some logs and twigs which are wrapped in battery-operated lights.  I just love this look.  What about you?

Using Natural ElementsTo Create a Holiday Feeling -

Since the December holiday season is a time of giving, use a gift box theme in your fireplace area.  Cover gift boxes in colorful wrapping paper and bows and use a strong tape  to adhere them to the wall . Place more packages and ornaments on the mantel itself.  Finish off with some colorful garland and stockings.

Christmas Packages - BHG
Decorative Gift Boxes Are the Theme of This Mantel Vignette - Better Homes and Garden

For a more shabby chic or rustic look, decorate an old ladder by covering the rungs in ribbon and hanging ornaments from them.  Prop it in a corner or beside your mantel  to add a festive touch. Remove the holiday ornaments in January and leave the snowflakes so you can have a holiday mood for one more month.

Christmas ladder - BHG
A Ladder Adds A Shabby Chic Touch to This Holiday Decorating Scheme - Better Homes and Garden

What are you going to do with all of those holiday cards you receive?  Why not purchase some small shutters from Lowe’s or Home Depot or a consignment shop and spray  paint them red?  Attach a hanger to the back of each shutter and hang on your wall above a table with a holiday vignette.  As a result, you’ll have an organized display.  You can save some of your cards and use them in a decorating project (decoupage?) for next year.

Shutters Serve As an Organized Display of Holiday Cards -Source

For a vintage look, place some colored  Christmas light bulbs in an apothecary jar and spray fake snow on the outside of the jar.  Place on a tray which has also been sprayed with the snow.

Colorful Christmas Light Bulbs in This Snow-Covered  Apothecary Jar Proclaim a Holiday Spirit - Better Homes and Garden

My favorite idea is to decorate the dining room chandelier.  To do this, you attach a plain artificial green wreath to the bottom of your chandelier using  holiday ribbon. Next you wrap the green garland around the chain of the lighting fixture.  Then use some attractive wired ribbon and wind it around the garland. Hang a tassel from the bottom of the chandelier.   Add some berries and ornaments and you  have made a festive holiday dining statement.

A Chandelier Decked Out for the Holiday Season - Source

If you try any of these ideas or have another favorite holiday decorating suggestion, leave a comment and let me know about it.  Better still , email me a picture, too. Happy decorating!


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