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Tips for Creating a Beautiful Master Bedroom

Bedrooms - Haskell Interiors
A Beautifully-Designed Master Bedroom - Haskell Interiors
‘Tis the season for hibernating.  Are you happy with the look of your master bedroom?  Thinking about rearranging your current furnishings, purchasing new furnishings, changing  paint colors?  If so, here are some points to consider.

Sketch out your bedroom and include wall measurements.  Note any architectural features in the room such as a fireplace, vaulted or tray ceiling, or nooks.  The size of your room will determine how many functional areas you can have as well as the scale of your furnishings. Keep in mind that the master bedroom serves mainly as a retreat.  If you make this room too colorful or too multifunctional, it won’t promote sleep.

Bedroom floorplan -smartdraw
Master Bedroom Sketch -

Bedroom - Logue Design Interiors
A Vaulted Ceiling and Fireplace Add Interest to This Bedroom - LogueDesignInteriors

A small room can be softened with fabrics, patterns, and well-chosen accessories. Larger master bedrooms lend themselves to creating different functional zones.  You may be able to create a sitting area, a place for handling correspondence, or a bookcase wall.  Bigger rooms can handle heavier drapery and beds with hangings as is evidenced in the first photo of this post.

Fall Bedroom - James Rixner
Colorful Bedding and Artwork Enhance This Small Bedroom - James Rixner

Does your master bedroom have adequate storage? Is there a walk-in or wall closet?  If not, your furnishings  will have to address this issue.  Perhaps an armoire, drawers in the bottom of a bed, decorative boxes, or a headboard that includes storage needs to be considered.  Select night stands that will afford you additional space. Think about using a chest of drawers on one side of the bed in place of a nightstand.  A bureau with a mirror is a great option because it addresses storage and your vanity!

Bed with Storage - World Market
A Chest of Drawers and Drawers Under the Bed Provide Additional Storage - World Market

What about lighting?  You will need lighting for reading and task lighting for areas such as a desk or dressing table.  Accent lighting could be included for artwork or bookshelves.  It’s certainly a plus to have general lighting also in the ceilings.

Ceiling Lights and Table Lamps Provide Adequate Light-

Do you need complete darkness to fall asleep requiring room-darkening window treatments?  Are there privacy issues due to the proximity of your neighbors or do you have a beautiful view that you want to appreciate? A valance-type window treatment will allow you to enjoy the scenery. In the photo above, the homeowner has sheer curtains to allow light into the room but provide privacy.  A valance and panels add color and softness to the room.

Window Treatments Will Enable Room Darkening for Sleep  -

If you share this bedroom with a partner, the two of you should agree on the room arrangement and aesthetics to avoid costly mistakes.

Have I answered some of your questions about creating a beautiful master retreat? Oh, there's lots more! Where should you place your bed? What colors are restful for a bedroom? What helps determine the color of your bedroom? How tall should your table lamps be? Stay tuned for the answers to these questions and more in my next blog post. 

~ " People who say they slept like a baby usually don't have one." ~ Leo Burke


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