Sunday, October 23, 2011

Decorating With Dress Forms

Using a Dress Form as a Vision Board

I can’t decide whether I want to incorporate a dress form into my decorating scheme.  Last year I purchased one at Tuesday Morning for a realtor presentation that I was scheduled to do.  Thought it would be a cute idea to show realtors how good presentation  is so important in selling a home. Instead of doing the typical Power Point presentation, I dressed Rosie, my dress form, in this crazy mismatched outfit and then by changing out some of her clothes so they matched and looked attractive, I made my most important points on the significance of home staging.  Now Rosie is back out in my garage and every time I get into my car, I can’t help but think that she would look much better in my house.  I researched some ways that people have used dress forms  in their décor and thought I would share them with you.

Those who love the  Shabby Chic look, are often  fans of  dress forms and mannequins. Check out the many Etsy Shabby Chic-themed shops on-line and you are bound to find one.  They are part of the whole vintage look  happening now in design.   I find them attractive and am going to find a place for poor Rosie, yet.  Maybe I could place her in my foyer so as I opened the front door she would be in full view! I could dress her seasonally.

In the picture below, the homeowner has decorated her dress form in a dress she once wore as a five-year old and placed it in her child’s nursery room.  She also framed a few family clothing heirlooms and hung them on the wall in that room to complete the theme.

Living with lindsay - dressform
A Child's Dress Adorns this Dress Form in a Nursery
Another idea is to find the partial dress forms that you can hang on the wall. Hanging jewelry on these dress forms serves to further embellish the room. - wall dressforms
Jewelry on These Wall Dress Forms Adds Color to This Bedroom

 A stair landing is an unexpected place to situate a dress form and bring some additional color to that area.  Your landing would have to be a bit larger than the one pictured so it wouldn't interrupt the traffic flow. Of course, a smaller dress form would be another option.

Staircase dressform - the scarlettrosegardene
A Dressed Dress Form Graces the Landing of this Staircase -
This dress form provides storage for jewelry and a purse while serving as a decorative accessory  in this bedroom.

Canadian -dressform
A Decorative Dress Form Also Provides Storage -

Dressing a wire dress form with Christmas greenery and ornaments is a clever way to bring the spirit into your home.
An Unexpected Way to Decorate for the Holidays
 A tabletop decorated dress form makes a festive statement in this Valentine’s Day vignette.

Thescarlettrosegarden - dressform vignette
A Partial Dress Form Helps Create a Valentine's Day Mood in This Vignette - the
If you don’t have room for a full-sized dress form, try some glove forms on top of your dresser or night stand and decorate them with jewelry to emphasize the color scheme in your bedroom.  They could also be used in vignettes in other rooms.

Between Naps on teh Porch - small hand forms
Glove Forms Are a Unique Way to Add Decorative Glamour to Your Tables - Between Naps on the Porch

So what’s your take on using dress forms in your décor to add a little vintage look and do something a little unexpected?  Leave me a comment?  I’ll let you know where Rosie ends up in a future post.


Barbara said...

I just love this idea! I have been on a the hunt for a vintage dress form for my bedroom. Great inspiration!

Mary said...


Thanks so much for your comment. If you really want vintage, check out antique shops and flea markets. I purchased mine at Home Goods and have seen them at Tuesday Morning, Ballard Designs and Pier 1.

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