Thursday, October 13, 2011

Capturing the Spirit of Fall in Your Home

Beautiful Fall Hues Grace This Woodland Scene 

Is fall your favorite season?  Do you start decorating in late September or early October? How do you capture this colorful season in your home? Here are some suggestions you might consider.
The Colors of the Season Pronounce  Fall Outside This Home -

Use colorful mums, cabbages, gourds,  pumpkins, and corn stalks and a  wreath in the front of your home to announce fall to your neighbors.  One wreath is all it takes to get everyone on your block following suit.

Pumpkin Candle - BHG.
Pumpkin Candle Holder Centerpiece - Better Homes and Gardens

Bring the scents of the season into your home.  If you can accomplish this in a centerpiece such as the one pictured above, better yet.  To create this pumpkin candle holder, pull or cut  the stem out of the top of a pumpkin .  Use a 6” pillar candle and trace the bottom of it on the top of the pumpkin with a black marker. Then cut out the traced section with a sharp knife and insert your candle.  Tuck some  bittersweet stems, vines and artificial berries around the base of the candle.  Make sure you select a candle with a nice cinnamon or woodsy scent.  Remember you want to bring the  outdoors inside.  

Fall Mantel - Home Goods
A  Balanced Fall  Mantel Vignette - Home Goods

Create some seasonal vignettes by gathering some fall – themed items and artfully arranging them. On this mantel, the arrangement is unified by color.  Interest is created by combining items of different sizes, shapes and textures.  Try overlapping items to give a more cohesive look and include natural elements such as gourds, pumpkins, wheat stalks and vines.

Fall Bedroom - James Rixner
Fall Colors in This Bedding and Artwork Exude A Comforting Feeling - James Rixner

Change your bedding  to reflect the colors of fall.  In this bedroom the warm colors reflected in the bedding  and artwork declare that fall is here.  The multitude of pillows beckons us to snuggle up for a nap on a  cold, windy autumn day. ( I still think I live in N.J.!!!)

Plum Accent Wall
A Plum Accent Wall Adds  a Seasonal Richness to This Living Room -

How about painting an accent wall  that will provide contrast?  Don’t forget to repeat the color of the accent wall in your accessories to make the wall blend with your d├ęcor.  In this room, I would probably add pillows on the sofa in either the solid plum color or a pattern in a plum or plum and black color that wouldn’t compete with the drapery pattern.

Fall Lamp Shades = PB
Fall-Themed  Designs on Lampshades from Pottery Barn

Lampshade redo - Country Living
Using Jute Twine and Fabric to Enhance This Lampshade - Country Living

An easy way  to invite fall into your home is by changing your lamp shades.  The variety of lamp shades available both in shapes and designs is terrific.  However, lamp shades can be expensive.  Think about hot gluing or fabric gluing a decorative trim or graphic  to your existing lamp shade.  

Throw and pillow - Southern Living
Well-Coordinated Pillows and Throws Can Warm Up Your Home to Fall - Southern Living

Bring back your fall-colored pillows and throws in heavier fabrics and comfortable textures.  Selecting pillows that allow you to change the pillow covers is a wise decision.  Many stores like Pottery Barn and Ballard’s Design sell pillow covers, or you can purchase  a yard or two  of fabric from  your favorite fabric store and make your own with a button or zipper closure to go over your current pillows.  You can also sew  two large dinner napkins or placemats together to create your own pillow covering.  Notice how the pattern in the throw and the design on the pillow coordinate as do their colors.

Fall Foam Core Board - My Home Ideas
Painting The Back of This  Bookcase Adds a Seasonal Change - My Home Ideas

Foamcore Boards - Michael's
Foamcore - Michael's Crafts

Here we see another seasonal transformation in the back of this bookcase.   You can easily do this using foamcore you can purchase at any craft store.  Paint one side of the foamcore  your fall color and the other side your spring color. Measure the sections of your bookcase and cut the foamcore  to fit.  Insert the  foamcore side for the season you want to create. Notice how the color of the back of the bookcase really "pops" the displayed  accessories.

Heavier Drapery - Cooking Light
Changing  Drapery Panels Creates a Seasonal Change  - Cooking Light

A Soft Place to Land
Add a Decorative Trim or Hem to Your Existing Drapery for a Seasonal Lift - A Soft Place to Land 

Don’t forget to bring back your heavier drapery panels.  Panel curtains do allow you to change out seasonally.  As an alternative, you can always sew or use Heat’n Bond Hem Tape to attach a decorative banding to your existing drapery for a different look.

I hope you have found these ideas helpful.  Would love to know what you do  in your home to “fall into fall”. 


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