Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Decorating a Small Dining Room

Dining Room - Decor Pad
Small Dining Area - Decor Pad
When I moved to my current home in Jacksonville, Florida from New Jersey, I went from a large dining room to a small one.  Consequently, I had to furnish the new dining room from scratch.  I wanted it to look cozy not cramped so I was careful in my furniture selections.  If you are faced with the challenge of decorating a small dining room, here are a few ideas which might make the task less daunting.

Keep the color palette light and limited.   Use contrasting hues in your accessories to highlight certain areas.

Dining Room - ligt color  HB
Chair Covers and Accents Bring Color to This Neutral Dining Room -House Beautiful
Keep the window treatments simple.  Heavy drapery will add a bulkiness to the room which will make it look smaller.  A modest chandelier will make the table appear larger.

DRM - Simple Window Treatmetns - HB
Simple Drapery and Light Fixture Don't Overwhelm This Room - House Beautiful

Use mirrors to increase the perception of space.  Make sure they reflect a pleasant sight not an empty wall.

Mirror in dining room - buildingmoxie
   A Large Mirror Gives the Illusion of More Space in This Small Dining Room - Building Moxie

Select a round table to make the perimeter of the room seem larger.  A glass table is even better because it allows you to look through it making the room appear larger. 

Round Dining Table - Fresh-Home
A Round Glass Top Table Enlarges This Dining Room - Fresh-Home

Choose leggy  chairs.  Heavy upholstered chairs do not allow your eye to capture the size of the room.  When possible, select armless chairs which allow more space for getting in and out of the table. 

Dining room table and chairs -Decor Pad
Armless Chairs With Delicate Lines Open Up This Dining Room - Decor Pad



Anonymous said...

I love using mirrors! They definitely do make rooms look bigger!

Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up! I'm following you back! :) Hope you have a great weekend!


Mary said...

Thanks, Kim for visiting my blog and following me.
I love using mirrors, too, especially when staging a home for sale. Makes the room bigger by reflecting light.

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