Monday, August 1, 2011

Monochromatic, Analogous, and Complementary Sherwin- Williams Color Schemes

As promised, in today’s post I’m featuring some of the beautiful. rich  colors in the 2012 Sherwin – Williams Color Mix palette, specifically Red Bay , SW6321, Bosc Pear, SW 6390, and Basil, SW 6194.  I’ll be using them and a few other colors  to illustrate three different types of color schemes using the on-line Sherwin – Williams Color Visualizer.

The first type of color scheme you can create is called monochromatic which means using any shade ,tint ,or tone of one color.  I decided to use the color Contented , SW 6191, on the siding of this Victorian home.  I used Basil, SW 6194 (2102 color), for the front door and trim, and Opaline , SW 6189, for the shutters and other accent areas.  These colors all have the same blue-green undertones  and  provide a nice contrast to one another because they have different values, or lightness or darkness of color.  It is important when selecting exterior paint colors to make sure that the colors you are selecting can be used for an exterior application.  This should be denoted on the paint chip.  Make sure your home blends in with the other homes in your neighborhood and its natural surroundings.  Your roof color should also dictate what colors you use on your house.  You don’t want to create an eyesore.

basil, contented, opaline
 Sherwin -Williams - Basil, Contented, and Opaline 

The next color scheme is called analogous.  This color palette uses colors that reside next to one another on the color wheel.  Analogous color schemes are harmonious – they flow together because of their proximity on the  color wheel.  The three colors I am going to use in this kitchen are Red Bay , SW 6321, (2012 SW color) which has red undertones, on the wall behind the refrigerator; Coral Island,SW 6332, which has red-orange undertones on the back wall, and Intricate Ivory,SW 6350, which has orange undertones, on the trim. If your trim color is the lightest color on a paint strip, you can always have the paint store add more white to get a lighter tint of the color. 

Although red is a beautiful kitchen color, it is said to  stimulate the appetite and can make a warm room warmer.  You need to consider the undertones in your cabinetry, floors, and countertops to select the correct hues for your kitchen as well as the artificial and natural lighting in the room. I once staged a home that had coral-colored formica countertops. Placing red accessories on this countertop really created a very appealing look.  This color combination is very inviting and would look fabulous with darker cabinets and furniture as pictured here.

Intricate Ivory,Red Bay and Coral Island
 Sherwin-Williams - Red Bay, Coral Island, and Intricate Ivory

The last color scheme I will discuss in this post is for the bold and daring.  If you like making a statement in a room, think about doing  a complementary color  scheme – choose opposite colors on the color wheel.  For this example, I am using a beautiful Sherwin-Williams color called Bosc Pear, SW 6390 (2012 color), which has yellow undertones and its opposite Vesper Violet, SW 6542, which has violet undertones.  For the trim on the windows, ceiling,  and molding, I used Dover White (SW 6385) which has yellow undertones.  The trick to making this work is rhythming the colors – placing accessories which pull the two main colors together will help to unify this color scheme. Of course, how many times have I stressed that you need to start with a leading pattern in a piece of artwork or a fabric to determine your paint colors?

Bosc Pear and Vesper Violet, Mesmerize, and Dover White
Sherwin -Williams - Bosc Pear, Vesper Violet, and Dover White

Selecting paint colors can be a chore if you don’t understand the undertones in paint colors and what needs to be considered in making the right decision about your paint colors.  It takes more than having an “eye” for color. It takes a trained paint color professional who knows how to make a beautiful statement with color in your home.  Contact  me today if your walls are starting  to look like patchwork quilts.  Let me select the right hue for you!


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