Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sherwin–Williams 2012 Color Mix

Neutrals 2012
SW Color Mix 2012 - Neutrals
Blues 2012
SW Color Mix 2012 - Blues
Greens 2012
SW Color Mix 2012 - Greens
Reds 2012
SW Color Mix 2012 - Reds

They are out – already!  Sherwin-Williams recently announced their 2012  colors.  There are four color palettes – which focus in on the Earth’s variety: the rich reds within a flame, the shimmering blues of water, the varied greens of vegetation, and the organic neutrals of grains, woods and dried grasses.  Five colors I previously featured which are part of this mix are Latte, SW 6108, Creamy, SW 7012, Bracing Blue,SW 6242, Upward, SW 6239, and Burgundy, SW 6300.

Burgundy - Sherwin Willimas  Ferguson's Finishing 
Burgundy, SW 6300, on Accent Wall and Bagel, SW 6114, as Main Color  - Ferguson's Finishing

Bracing Blue -Sherwin Williams
 Bracing Blue, SW 6242,  Graces These Bedroom Walls -

Creamy Sherwin Williams
Creamy, SW 7012, Completes This Neutral Look -

Upward - SW
Upward, SW 6239, Creates a Light Airy Feel in This Bedroom -

Latte Office - Let's Make A Card Blog
Latte, SW 6108, Exudes a Clean Professional Look in This Home Office -
There are many ways to create an interesting color scheme in your home. Jackie Jordan, Sherwin-Williams Director of Color Marketing, says, “ You can do so many great things with a single color family.”  In  addition, by varying the values, or lightness or darkness of a color, you can create a beautiful space. Also, by using analagous color schemes , or colors that reside next to one another on the color wheel, you can enhance  harmony and balance in your home. For greater drama, you can use two colors that are complementary , located opposite each other on the color wheel.   In my next posts, I’ll show examples of each of these schemes.

If you would like to experience these beautiful colors from the 2012 Color Mix in your home, contact me.  Paint color is the easiest way to update your decor and the first thing people notice in your home.  


Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

Hi Mary! thanks for stopping by today :) I am loving some of those SW colors! Especially the greens/aquas. I will have to check those out. Looking forward to seeing more of your tips!

Mary said...


Thanks for following me. My next post will pair some of these 2012 paint colors with other colors to form different types of color schemes. Will be posted next Sunday! I'm featuring greens on the exterior of a home.

Maryfrances ♥ said...

YAY, another Mary!!

Thanks for the sweet message on my blog and for following me! I DO love COLOR, and I am not afraid to show it. I plan on spending my evening reading through your posts.

See you soon! :o)

dollycas aka Lori said...

Hi Mary,
You have a beautiful blog as well. Thanks for following Dollycas's Thoughts. I hope to be able to help you "escape" with some wonderful books.


Sell your house fast in the UK said...

You created a great post with excellent information, i learnt a lot of stuff from this article.

Mary said...

Thanks for your comment. The next post will help you understand the three paint color schemes I discussed in this post better. I hope you will read that, too.

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