Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home Staging and a Realistic Price Sell a Home in One Day!

209 Oceans' Edge Drive

Recently, a realtor  for whom I stage called me  to do a  consultation in a home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, about 20 minutes from where I live in Jacksonville.  When I arrived, I saw a salmon-colored home with a bright blue front door.  I knew that front door color would have to go.  

After ringing the doorbell,  I was greeted by a friendly homeowner eager to take notes on what she had to do to get her home sold.  She informed me that she had  her home listed with another realtor and it sat on the market with no action for 73 days!  It was overpriced and not staged. She and her husband were anxious to move on to their new home and needed results fast!

What was wrong with the presentation of this home?  Why had it sat in this lovely seaside community for 73 days?  There were three major problems which I addressed with the homeowner.  First, she had some wallpaper and a color scheme which really didn’t flow.  She had a pretty gold color throughout  the home, wallpapered bathrooms, a lilac- colored bedroom and a blue-violet master bathroom.  I recommended painting most of the home Sherwin-Williams  Softer Tan, SW 6141, which has a very good light reflective value while giving the walls a rich  clean look.  For the living room which was a bit darker and painted a  pale pink, I suggested a  shade lighter called Sherwin-Williams Moderate White, SW 6140, because it would provide a lighter contrast to the Softer Tan used  in the foyer and kitchen.  I also recommended a shade darker, Sherwin-Williams Macadamia, SW 6142, for an accent wall in the foyer and for the master bath and another bathroom. What a difference the paint colors made!  This home exuded  a clean, cohesive , spacious look. 

Kitchen  Before - Cluttered and Painted Gold with  a Wallpaper Border

209 Oceans Edge Dr. Kitchen
Kitchen Afterwards - Decluttered and Repainted

OC 6
Before - Wallpapered Bathroom

After - Declutterred , Wallpaper Removed and Repainted  to Add a Little Contrast

Before - Cluttered and  a Color Palette That Doesn't Work in Guest Bedroom

After - Decluttered and Repainted

The next issue was the abundance of knick-knacks on tables, countertops and shelves, as well as  too many pictures on the walls.  I assisted her in removing the excess accents reminding her that  less is better.    We discussed how to artfully arrange her accessories on tables and shelving using fewer but  larger accent pieces.  The illustrations I brought helped her visualize how she needed to arrange her accessories and artwork. In addition, we discussed using items in odd numbers, and  varying the size, shapes and textures of items to make the arrangements pleasing to the eye.

Before - Too Much to Focus on in Gold  Family Room

After- Repainted and Less Clutter

Before - A Bit Too Much in this Gold - Colored Office

After - Painted and Declutterred

Before - The Gold is Not Relaxing

After - A Room to Get A Good Night's Sleep

The third problem was furniture arrangement.  In her dining room, we removed two of the six chairs and angled the table which made the room look more spacious. The living room had too much furniture.  We removed two chairs and a  small table and made an “L" shaped conversation area with the couch and two chairs. We moved a large baker’s rack to the other side of the room so it could serve as a center of interest.  By removing the two bigger  chairs we created better traffic flow.
Before - A Distracting Pink  Living Room


Another "Before" of the Cluttered Pink Living Room

After - Repainted and Excess Furnishings Removed 
Before I left, I assisted the homeowner in  selecting  a better color for the front door to tie in the red-orange-colored roof and the salmon- colored house paint.  I wanted to create a warm, inviting, harmonious color  scheme for the entrance which is so important in making that first great impression.  I selected a  Sherwin – Williams color called Rockwood Terra Cotta , SW 2803.  It was perfect.  She also agreed to change her front door hardware.  It was a great consultation and the homeowner thanked me for giving her such valuable tips to help sell her home.

Two days after listing it, the realtor  advised me that they had an accepted offer on the second day. I heard that the buyers spent a lot of time in the home – they became emotionally connected to this beautiful spacious house.  They couldn’t imagine living any place else.   Once again, a realistic price and excellent presentation worked in favor of the seller. This demonstrates that even a home staging consultation can help sell your home if you implement all of the suggestions and price your home competitively for your neighborhood.

Which scenario would you rather have -  unstaged and overpriced and sitting on the market for 73 days, or staged, priced right, and sold in one day!?  Contact me if you are thinking about selling your home before you contact a realtor so that your listing pictures showcase your home.  $taging really does make good $ense!!!!


Delaney said...

What a difference in the before & after photos! I know our house was on the market for over a year before it sold...we had minimal staging, so I completely understand. However, the house before that which was staged sat just as long if not longer. Visiting you from Blogaholic!

Anonymous said...

We would like to replace our current wook countertop with a kitchen countertops. We are looking for a cheaper stone top and a place that wont rip us off. The Countertop is L shaped and about 10' on the sink side and 6 ' on the stove side minus the stove.

Mary said...

Try a 2 cm. granite countertop - should be less expensive or a granite transformations countertop -installed right over your existing countertops.

Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

just beautiful!

Mary said...


Thanks for your comment and for following me.

Wendi B. - Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads in Seattle said...

Love your before/after pictures. They really show what a difference some changes can make. :)

Thanks for following - following back.


Mary said...

Thanks , Wendi. Glad you liked the pictures!

Rebecca said...

Great job, Mary, you give such a great service to your followers! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely house..

Anonymous said...

Hello Mary

If I have only one choice for the whole house, what color should I choose, SW 6141 Softtan or 6142 Macadamia. The trim is 6140 Moderate white and the ceiling is white.

The exterior brick is graystone.

Thank you

Mary said...

Both colors have yellow-green undertones. If the trim is Moderate White, I would use Macadamia on the walls if you are looking for contrast - you really want the color to stand out from the trim. I can't see how bright the interior of your home is nor the furnishings or constants so I'm just going by what you are telling me. Hope this works for you.

Kind regards,

Anonymous said...

Mary if you are using softer tan for a large home what trim color would you use as you say that would stand out?
also would you paint all the ceilings at 50% strength of softer tan?
what do you think of SW sand beach? I also considered that color

Mary said...

I like Extra White or Pure White for the trim. They really make any paint color pop. If you want a warmer white - try Creamy. For the ceiling, try 50% of the Moderate White. Sand Beach is a pretty color and will bring a hint more color to your walls than Softer Tan. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Mary can you give me your opinion based upon the info below whether to choose wool skein or softer tan for entire house. The trim is SW Creamy.
Our granite and marble is golden wheat (the neutral light), colonial cream, dark emperadormarble. With special walnut stain on white oak floor throughout, and kitchen backsplash is torreon travertine with some pewter and mosaic accents . Also our cabinets are all stained medium maple and alder. The master bath is tricky with a white marble with caramel veining, very light travertine and polished nickel accents.
I am considering using my one color change in the master bath and kids bedrooms upstairs to either wool skein or possibly moderate white.
I am torn between wool skein and softer tan.
Thank you so much.

Mary said...

The Wool Skein has green undertones;softer tan has yellow-green. I would go with the Softer Tan because it has just a tad more color in it than Wool Skein. Sometimes pale greens can tend to look washed out. I think you would be safer with the Softer Tan with Creamy,a warm white, as the trim.
Why not go a little darker in your master bathroom and use a beautiful color on the same strip as Softer Tan called Basket Beige, SW6143. It will give good contrast next to the Softer Tan. Use the Wool Skein in the kids' bedrooms. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mary, softer tan it is.
For the kids bedrooms I am thinking now either moderate white or -.25 softer tan. What do you think of these?
Also on the trim do you like Dover White or Benjamin Moore mayonnaise? I like the SW Creamy too just trying a few more options. The creamy when I painted it is very light and I have a lot of trim and crown moulding so worried it may look too light.
For outside you have inspired me on the outer balcony door to go darker for contrast then I was planning so thank you~!

Mary said...

Personally, I would just do the bedrooms in Softer Tan. Both Creamy and Dover White have yellow undertones and are warm whites. I would paint some poster board with the Softer Tan, and the Dover White and Creamy to see which you prefer. Tape them to the walls and observe them throughout the day. I have no pictures to review so I don't know how much light you are getting throughout your home. Your molding and trim should be in a a semi-gloss so it should pop against the flat or eggshell wall paint colors. If you have any more questions, I would need to see pictures.

Anonymous said...

I have painted basket beige on all walls of the living room and would like an accent wall (without going DARK DARK). So far I would explain the living room as looking "classy" and would like to keep that look. Could you recommend a color that would go well with basket beige? Thanks so much. I tried a color someone else recommended and can't wait to get that one off the wall!! Way to dark and ugly. Thanks again.

Mary said...

I don't have much to go on. Look at your leading pattern - leading accessory color and try that color.

Mary said...

I don't have much to go on. Look at your leading pattern - leading accessory color and try that color.

Anonymous said...

We painted the exterior of our house basket beige and need help with a trim color. We've tried Softer Tan, but it came out very light--almost glowing--and made the house appear more peach than I'd like. We also tried Dapper Tan, but it gave the house a darker look than I'd like. Any recommendations of what to try next? I really wanted it to be neutral. Our front door is Sommelier and I love it. Thank you!

Mary said...

Go for a lighter warm trim color . Try Moderate White SW6140 or Lotus Pad SW7573

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