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10 Suggestions to Help Sell Your Home

Decor Pad - home exterior
An Attractive Home Exterior -  Decor Pad
As a professional home stager, I’ve staged many homes here in Jacksonville, Florida.  Many of my friends ask me what  my top 10 suggestions are  for selling a home quickly and for top dollar. I thought I'd share with you what I 've told them.

1. Make sure the exterior of your home is attractive.  Buyers know within 15 seconds of seeing your house if it’s a place they’d consider  a home.  Is your front exterior welcoming?  Is the paint color attractive?  Does the front door have a complementary color and is the door hardware in new or like-new condition?  Are your landscaping beds  mulched?  Do you have attractive flowers outside to add color?  Has the clutter been removed from  walkways or driveways? Are your shrubs and lawn in good condition and well-manicured?  First impressions count! 

Fenf Shui pics 001
A Welcoming Front Door

Fenf Shui pics 002
Freshly Mulched Landscaped Beds with Colorful Flowers
2.  Paint colors in your home will be one of the first things buyers notice as they enter.  Will your paint colors appeal to a wide range of buyers? Is there a harmonious flow of color throughout your home?  It’s best if the exterior  paint colors transition nicely  into the interior .
3.  Clean and declutter your home. If you have a lot of clutter,  donate what you don’t need to a thrift shop and rent a storage unit for anything that you wish to keep.  It will be well worth the money spent.  A cluttered home reduces the spaciousness of a home.  I always tell my clients to remove 50% of what is in their closets and have nothing on the closet floors.
4. When decorating bookshelves, tables,mantles, or walls, think less but bigger.  Remove all personal pictures so buyers aren’t looking at your Aunt Emma instead of your fabulous floor plan! Group accessories in odd numbers and mix in glass, wood, ceramic, metal, and rattan for an appealing look.

Palm Desert Aug 2010 090
Notice the Different Shapes, Textures and the Addition of Greenery on This  Dresser

Palm Desert Aug 2010 041
Larger Artwork and an Odd Number of Accessories

5. Have your home staged before your listing pictures are taken.  According to  Active Rain, a real estate blog and marketing site, 94% of people research their home purchase on-line before contacting a realtor and 75% buy a home they originally found on the Internet – it’s like an Internet dating game. Buyers know what they want and if they see beautiful pictures of what they're imagining their next home to be, they’ll be sure to view that home.
6. If you have to move before you sell your home, schedule two moves and leave some of your furnishings in the home you are selling. It’s really not that much more expensive to do.   According to Home Staging Resource, only 10% of buyers can visualize their furnishings in a vacant home.
7.  Hire a professional home stager to prepare your home for sale. Most home sellers cannot view their homes objectively.  A home stager knows how to create the atmosphere needed to form an emotional connection with a buyer.  They know the demographics of your neighborhood and who might likely purchase your home.  If you’d prefer to stage it yourself, they can also provide you with a staging report informing you about what changes need to be made.
8. Make sure your home is not outdated.  If your paint colors, wall coverings, appliances, flooring, cabinetry and appliances don’t reflect life in the 21st century, update them.  That means get rid of that harvest gold refrigerator from the 70’s or that mauve carpeting from the 80’s!

Bad Colors
Outdated Paint Scheme  Which Won't Appeal to Buyers

9.  Have a home inspection done to identify any major structural, electrical, or plumbing, etc. problems that might exist so there are no surprises. I’ve  seen a few deals go “down the drain” due to surprises resulting from the buyers’ home inspections.  Have any major problems addressed by a professional contractor if necessary.    
10. Hire a proactive realtor who will a.) correctly price your home based upon a competitive market analysis of your neighborhood; b.) market your home aggressively to attract buyers to view it; c) keep you informed of the feedback that is being received from buyers viewing your home.

Are you selling your home?  Would you like a copy of my report entitled 5 Secrets You Should Keep from  Buyers When Selling Your Home?  If so, follow my blog publicly and leave a comment  on this blog post that you did so.  Include your e-mail address and I will forward the report to you.


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Mary said...

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Mary Habres said...

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