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Rustic Refined – HGTV Home Sherwin–Williams Color Collection

Rustic Refined
Walls - Outerbanks, SW  7534, Foyer - Antiquity, SW 6402, Trim - Creamy , SW7012 

If you are trying to create a Tuscan or Southwestern  look, HGTV’s Home Sherwin-Williams’ Rustic Refined Color Collection is for you.  These beautiful earth-toned colors  are probably one of my favorite palettes in the  collection.  I’ve always favored earth tones.  Back in the 70’s, I had avocado, orange, browns and yellows in my first apartment.  I still have all of those colors in my present home.

I just took the color personality test on the House Beautiful’s 500+ Favorite Paint Color application which I downloaded to my IPAD and guess what color resulted?  Yellow – no surprise to me at all.  According to the test, people who have a yellow color personality  are “cheerful, charming, magnetic, intelligent, confident, and creative.  They are somewhat psychic and enigmatic,  good leaders and negotiators.”    After hearing my results, my husband said,” I think there is something wrong with the I Pad app – that doesn’t sound like you!!!!”  Couldn’t you see that scenario in a Longhorns' comic strip?  In fairness to this test,  I do  have a bright yellow-orange color in my kitchen called Yearling  Peach – was part of the Martha Stewart Collection of Sherwin –Williams paints  popular in the early 2000’s.  Funny though, I don’t wear a lot of yellow because it doesn’t look good on me,  but I do try to exhibit all of those characteristics! The intelligent trait gives me the most difficult time! (LOL)  Instead of yellow,  I  wear a lot of greens, browns, and  oranges. I’m still an earth-tone girl.

Rustic Refined 2
HGTV-Home Sherwin-Williams' Rustic Refined Color Collection

The Rustic Refined Color Collection is described as “romantic, timeless, and natural.”  If I were doing a  a paint color consultation for you, I would ask you to describe in three words the feeling  you would  want to create in the rooms to be addressed.  Your response would help me hone in on the colors that would evoke that mood.  Each of the eight color collections have adjectives describing what moods they create which should help you “zero in” on what you would like.  The room below has a lot of  gold in the accessories which coordinates well with the wall color Cascade Green ,SW0066, which has green undertones and the trim color Creamy, SW7012, which has yellow undertones.  There is not a lot of contrast in this color scheme; it’s vey harmonious and uses colors that are adjacent to one another on the color wheel.  This room feels warm and inviting to me.

Rustic Refined 3
Cascade Green, SW 0066, and Creamy, SW 7012

In the next scene, we see a beautiful color in the family room called White Raisin, SW 7685, which has yellow–orange undertones.  Brandywine, SW 7710, which showcases the dining room  has a very coppery look giving it  orange undertones.  The pantry is shown in Independent Gold, SW 6401, and has yellow-green undertones. Again this mix is harmonious because the colors fall close to one another on the color wheel.  The furniture also appears to have yellow undertones.

Rustic Refined 4
White Raisin, SW7685, Brandywine, SW7710, and Independent Gold, SW 6401
I decided to play around with the Sherwin-Williams' Color Visualizer tool and show you three colors from the Rustic  Refined Color Collection in a living room.  I used Bittersweet Stem, SW 7536, which has yellow undertones, on the windowed wall; Creamy SW 7012 ,a warm white color with yellow undertones  for the trim; and, Brandywine , SW 7710, which has orange undertones, on the solid wall behind the entertainment center.   The only problem with using the color visualizer with their scenes is that you cannot change the furnishings.  I tried uploading a picture of my own and masking out the areas to be painted and didn’t like the results.  If I could, I would have replaced the couch with a patterned one which would pick up the colors in the rug and wall and include a  tad of green. I’d add some greenery and other bits of green in the accessories to rhythm the color and remove the turquoise vase which is lost in the setting.  I do  like the way the window treatments seem to disappear  because of the wall color. 

Brandywine, SW 7710, Bitterswet Stem, SW 7536, and Creamy, SW 7012
Let’s use the Sherwin –William’s Visualizer to test two more Rustic Refined paint colors in a bedroom.  In the picture below, I’ve used Cascade Green, SW0066, which has blue-green undertones on the walls, and Muslin, SW6133, which has yellow-green undertones on the trim. Have you ever tried a color other than a white for your trim color?  Both colors share green in their undertones and work beautifully together.  The furniture has  yellow undertones and the rug and flooring appear to have yellow-orange undertones.  We have a nice harmonious  blend of colors which lie mostly equidistant from one another on the color wheel.

6133, 0066 Refied Rustic bedroom
Cascade Green, SW 0066, and Muslin, SW 6133
What do you think? Would you use any of the Sherwin-Williams’ Rustic Refined colors in your home?  When you get a chance, stop by a Sherwin-Williams store and check out this palette.  Leave me a comment on what colors you would use in your home and where you would like to use them. 

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