Monday, June 13, 2011

HGTV-Home by Sherwin-Williams–Paint Colors for Room-to Room Harmony

Color Pizazz HGTV
HGTV- Sherwin- Williams' Color Pizazz Collection
I love writing about different decorating topics.  My statistics show that  my paint color posts  are the most popular.  Did you know that HGTV and Sherwin -Williams have  teamed up to create eight  different harmonious color palettes?  The colors in each palette are supposed to be compatible with one another.   Does that mean you should select the first two paint colors that jump out at you and paint them in the same room?  Not exactly.  You  need to consider the lighting in the room,  the furniture, fabrics, flooring, and the  color or undertones  in any other  permanent items in the room.  You also have to be comfortable with the color combinations.  You need to create a harmonic flow of color throughout your home.  You need to use these color palettes as guides. 

The colors in these palettes are not all of the same intensity or value.  What is intensity or saturation?  It’s how pure the color is or how dull or bright the color is.  Take a look at the two colors below:


Smoky Salmon

Jovial is a much brighter color than Smoky Salmon.  Both colors have red-orange undertones, but the Smoky Salmon is more muted or duller. Jovial is more intense or saturated than Smokey Salmon.  Most of my clients who like color, like more saturated colors.

Now take a look at a beautiful color called Peppery which is in the HGTV Home Global Spice collection.  It is on the same paint strip as Jovial but looks much darker.  It has a darker value than Jovial does but has the same saturation. Jovial has more white added to it.  If you look at a paint strip of related colors usually the lightest value of the color is at the top of the strip and the darkest value is at the bottom. Value is how light or dark the color is. Think about what happens to black coffee if you keep adding creamer – you lighten the color by adding white. You’ve changed the value of the color of the coffee.   


When choosing paint colors for your rooms, you don’t want to have super saturated colors with  very neutral muted colors especially in the same room.  You should try to stay closer in intensity.  You can add a little drama by varying your color values. 

In the next few posts, I will feature a few color combinations from the HGTV Home Collection using the Sherwin –Williams Color  Visualizer just to give you an idea of how some of these colors look together. When using the HGTV Home  color combinations, you need to exercise caution and make sure that you are not off on your values or saturations. Always sample the paint colors on poster board on your walls before making the final decision.  Better still, get some expert advice from someone who has been trained in selecting the right hue for you!  If you'd like me to "make your home sing" with harmonious colors, contact me. 

A Tip for You:

Install a mirror across from a doorway or window in a dark narrow space or at the end of a hallway to create the illusion of space.


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