Saturday, June 4, 2011

Do Sexy Ads and Real Estate Staging Really Affect Marketing?

Ever notice how sexy advertising is used to market a product?  Remember the tv commercial of the ladies in the hair salon watching the muscular good-looking window washer? You have to admit that it caught your attention, too. If you were selling your home, wouldn't you want  it to appeal to a buyer like that muscular window washer ? Wouldn't you want it to be memorable to buyers, especially to those who have looked at a lot of homes?  In today's real estate market, your home needs to stand out from its competition in order to be memorable and entice that buyer to place an offer. 

Staged by Encore Home Staging and Redesign

Christine Rae, CEO and president of the International Staging and Training Academy , compares sexy ads to real estate staging in her article entitled , "Sex Sells, Did I Catch Your Attention?" posted on the blog Staged, Styled, and Sold.  She states, "Sex today is used for marketing just about anything not remotely connected to sex but it works. And real estate staging does for houses what sexy ads do for marketing -  it sells."  To find out how staging can market your home,  check out the rest of her article by clicking the link :

Staged by Encore Home Staging and Redesign

If you are considering placing your home on the market or have a home that is not selling, contact a local real estate stager to see how staging can make your home memorable to a buyer and enable you to move on with your life.  The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) directory lists home stagers throughout the country.  I am also a member of RESA and am  a certified paint color consultant.  Not only am I trained and experienced in the artful placement of furnishings and accessories to sell a home, but I 'm also skilled and experienced in selecting the right paint colors that sell homes. If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida vicinity, contact me to learn how we can give your home some "sell appeal". I'm currently offering 10% off on home stagings done in the month of June. You 'll receive my free report entitled, "Five Things You Shouldn't Tell Buyers When Selling Your Home."


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Thanks for your comment on my blog post. I thought the title would grab attention just like staging does to sell a home. Would love you to follow me so you can receive more articles.

jalicyjatco said...

In today's absolute acreage market, your home needs to angle out from its antagonism in adjustment to be memorable and attract that client to abode an offer.

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