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Decorating Wide Walls

Oh Those WIde Walls! - Energized Seller

I am in the middle of staging an adorable older home in one of the artsy historic districts of Jacksonville. Of course I’m going to play up on some of the vintage decorating trends that are popular now.  Hoping to create a French bistro setting with my chalkboard  menu on easel and French bistro plates and pictures in the dining room.  Going a bit Tuscan in the living room. If it all comes together like I plan, it should steal some buyer’s heart.

Today I was visiting the home to get the “feel” of it so that I could create my “story”.  As I moved from the living room to the dining room taking notes as to what I would need to create this “dream” home for someone, I stopped at an expanse of wall between the living room and dining room that I couldn’t fill with just one or two regular- sized pictures.  It would have to be more than that.  What should I do?  My mind immediately went to the screen in my inventory.  Could I use that with something in front of it?  Then I thought about my three foam boards I recently purchased.  Each was 20”X30”.  I could get an attractive fabric and cover the boards and use them as wall fillers. Just purchased a wide metal mirror which might also work. Then I started to wonder about all of the different ways homeowners deal with  wide walls when trying to create an appealing space.  Here are some ideas if you are faced with that problem.  

In the picture below, the wallpaper and columns definitely minimize the wide wall.  You could hang two long pieces of  crown molding vertically  to get this look, also.  As you can see,  the  homeowner created a separate functional area with the dining arrangement.

Columns Disguise This Wide Wall - G. Hullinger Interior Design for Houzz

This homeowner painted part of the wall a different color from the room color.  Again, look how this shortens the wall and creates interest in the room. Take  a look at the rug pattern – horizontal lines that don't travel the entire expanse of the rug serve to minimize the length of the room. 

Long Walls 3 - Camel Development for Houzz
A Different Paint Color Breaks Up This Wide Wall - Camel Development for Houzz

Below we see another room where the homeowner has created a conversation area moving from the corner to the center of the room.  The artwork, two chairs and table, as well as the rug define this sitting area which minimizes the width of the wall.  In the lower corner of the picture, you can see a couch.  My guess is that there is probably another functional  area behind it such as an eating or game-playing space.

Long Wall 4 - Paul Grace Designs for Houzz
A Seating Area Breaks Up This Wall - Paul Grace Designs 

Below we again see the column-like divider and molding breaking up this wide  wall.  Think of what you would put on the wall inside the moldings or would you leave them as is?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Long Wall - Usona for HouzzDecorative Moldings and A Column Break Up This Wall - Usong for Houzz

In the hallway of the second floor of this home, the homeowner takes advantage of the wide wall to display a grouping of photos all framed in black with white matting.  What a powerful statement this unified collection makes!

Long Wall - D Mosey ArchitectsA Collection of Photos Enhance This Wide Wall - D. Mosey Architects

Bookcases are always a great way to fill a large wall.  The diagonal placement of the shelving of this bookcase further disguises the width of this wall.

Long Wall - Bookcases - G. Crawford for Decor Pad
Book Shelves on the Diagonal  Minimize a Wide Wall - G. Crawford - Decor Pad

This mudroom’s wide wall is devoted to good  storage space with the shelving, hooks, and  lower seating/storage areas.

Design Inspiration Blog - Long Wall
This Wide Wall Provides Storage Options in This Mudroom - Decor Pad

Folding screens have always been useful tools for filling a wide wall.  This homeowner uses a screen as artwork behind the desk.

Folding screen - Ashley gofortha46cd91b9022
  Folding Screen Provides Great Backdrop for this Study - Decor Pad

Papering a wall in vertical stripes can also diminish the width of the wall by making your eye look upwards.  

Long wide wall -wallpaper -
Vertical Stripes Minimize a Wide Wall   -

Another way to decorate a wide wall is by incorporating viny wall graphics which are so popular right now.

A Beautiful Vinyl Wall Graphic Graces This Wide Wall -Single Stone Studios for Etsy

How have you decorated a wide wall in your home? Are there any ideas in this post that you might consider using?    Leave a comment and let me know.

Decorating a Wide Wall in a Home an Associate and  I Staged

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