Friday, April 22, 2011

Favorite Staging Accessory: Home & Design: REALTOR® Magazine

 A Property I Staged with Suitcases in 2011

A few weeks ago I responded to an email from one of the billions of sites to which I subscribe asking me about my favorite staging item for an upcoming article in Realtor magazine.  On a whim, I answered that I like using suitcases as end tables. Soon after, I received a response thanking me and informing me that my idea might be  considered .  I completely forgot about it until I discovered my comment  in this month's online Realtor magazine along with some others  from stagers across the country.  To read the article click on the link :

Favorite Staging Accessory: Home & Design: REALTOR® Magazine

These Suitcases Make A Statement in This Staging I Did in 2010

A "Touristy" End Table in My  Master Bedroom Reading Nook

I love using unexpected items when staging a property. It makes the buyer remember the home.
Here is a picture of another very different staging idea - using some willow branches as a curtain rod. A stager I partnered with at the time thought of it.  We needed to bring color into a dining room which you walked into when you entered the home .  An effective cost-saving way to do it was by purchasing some willow reeds in Michael's and leaning them on screws over the window. We then draped the fabric over the reeds. It definitely did the job.

Willow Reeds Serve As a Curtain Rod in Our Staged Dining Room

I also try to do some different arrangements with towels.  I fold some hand towels and wash cloths using different colors and stick them in vases or planter pots.  I've also used jewelry in my towel designs.

 A Bathroom I Staged Using My Folded Towels in a Vase with Some Miniature Curly Willow for Diffusers from Pier 1


A Necklaced Towel I Made for a Staged Bathroom

Towels "A Blooming" in This Staged Bathroom I Did

Another  idea I love is my dollar store cake plate made by gluing a glass plate and wine glass together with E-6000 glue from Michael's.  I needed a quick centerpiece for a dining table so I made the cake plate, placed a doily on it and my realistic-looking chocolate cake topped with strawberries.  It was a very "empty" calorie-filled centerpiece but definitely memorable.

Ready to Celebrate the Sale of This Home With Some Chocolate Cake

Would you like me to make your home memorable to some buyer looking for that perfect home?  I have a variety of staging packages from "Do-it-Yourselfer"  to "The Sky Is The Limit".  Don't be a penny wise and a pound foolish.  An investment in staging can help you sell your biggest investment.  Contact me to determine your staging package today.  

Accessorizing My Staircase Landing

An Idea for You -

Use A Wine Rack to Store Magazines -


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