Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Got A New Blog Attitude!

Pink Modern - BHG

I’ve been blogging now for about a year and was not very happy with my blog design. I just didn't have a good attitude about posting on it. Of course, I’m not an HTML language expert, so I did the best I could when I copied my free template from one of the free template sites on the web and kept changing it by copying the HTML code for each new template.  However, I couldn't create my own custom signature and button, etc.  Believe me I tried and always ended back at step 1.  I was always looking at other blogs and thought that  some day, I would  bite the bullet and do it – hire a blog designer. My confidence level in blogging would surely improve If my blog looked better.  After searching the Internet (my addiction), I stumbled upon Emily of BlogaholicDesigns.com Needless to say, her site was beautiful and her prices were very reasonable. Her special pricing  packages also allow you to add on any embellishments you so desire from her a la carte  menu of options.  However, before I hired her, I wanted to speak with her. I wanted to hear the voice that belonged to Emily.  Who was this Blogaholic Designer? 

My New Gift Bags and Hot Pink Tissue Paper - Created by Carolina Retail Packaging

Emily called me late one night and I told her what my ideas were and even e-mailed her a picture of my new gift bags so she could see what I wanted. Once I spoke to her, I knew she was the blog designer I needed to hire. She came across as a very dedicated, caring person assuring me that she would be e-mailing me test blogs to see if I liked her ideas. From the start, Emily’s blog design talents were in full creative mode as she shared her practical creative advice and ideas. She suggested that we use use three photos of my work in the header. The bedroom scene is from my home, and the other two pictures are my stagings of a recent property. Since the black and white damask pattern with pink accents is so in vogue right now, I wanted to use that but still bring in my tag line “Making Your Home Sing”. Emily was able to blend the music staff and notes with the decorative "scrolly" images. I was very pleased with the color scheme and the layout. I even had her number my comments so that when I do giveaways, I don’t have to count the number of entries any more. I punched up the music a notch, too. Take a look at my playlist. What can I say! I’m a young-hearted Baby Boomer and love all types of music. If you are looking for a great new look for your blog, contact Emily. She is a delight and very professional. 

You now need to listen to New Attitude by Patti LaBelle on my playlist. I  do - I do have a new  blog attitude!


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