Friday, March 11, 2011

Can We Have A Blog Comment, Please?

Global Communication Via Blog Commenting -

Like all of you, I lead a very busy life. One day I’m redesigning someone’s living room, the next day I’m staging a seller’s home. Often times, I’m doing paint color consults for clients. In addition, since my neighbors know I do decorating for a living, they’ve been using me to help select paint colors, countertops, flooring, and furnishings. Now my son Erik and daughter-in-law Amy have moved back to Jacksonville; we will be doing some projects in their home about which I hope to report. For starters, Amy wants to keep her distressed white kitchen chairs but get a wood-tone table. You know where I’ll be hanging out for the next couple of months!!!!

I also work very diligently on spreading the word about my business. Occasionally, I do presentations to women’s groups and  am the co-founder of a small business networking group. In addition, I attend numerous business networking groups and squeeze in some blog articles as often as time permits. Taking lots of training courses in staging, design and paint colors is also an integral part of my routine. You can never stop learning. I may feel a little harried at times but I love what I do. I love helping other people – sharing creative ideas and knowledge with them. I’m so happy when they say to me, “I never would have thought of that! “ Makes my day!!!

I hope to be doing some stories on local vendors for countertops, flooring, wallpaper, window treatments, etc. Will be visiting some consignment shops to show you some bargain furnishings you can get for your home. Stay tuned for some informative posts.  I’ve also added a contact area for you to e-mail me privately. What topics would you like me to cover? My statistics show that my most popular posts are on paint color. Need help with choosing paint colors that create harmony in your home?  Looking for an economical way to rearrange your furnishings and accessories for a new look?  Use my new contact area to do so.  I'm really quite approachable - not your "The Devil Wears Prada" type woman!

Me - Taking a Quick Starbucks Break Between Training Sessions In Atlanta!

What I like the most is when you, my readers, comment on one of my blog posts. It really encourages me to write more because I  know you've attended to what I've written and given it some thought. I don’t care if you agree or disagree with me. According to Top Rank, an online marketing blog to which I subscribe, “Some of the best content on a blog is in the comments, not the blog posts. When a comment thread takes off, that’s the magic in blogging. The exchange between an author and readers is a highly valued outcome. Inspiring exchange and discussion between our readers, between real people with opinions, is priceless.”

I couldn't agree more. Chances are if you comment, someone else will, too. That’s how we learn. I certainly do not have all of the answers so I appreciate different viewpoints or tips you have picked up along the way. If you like this blog, please  follow me and share it with your friends so they become followers, too.   Maybe you and they will even leave a comment!
An Idea for You....

Storing Touch -up Paint in a Baby Jar -
Save those baby food jars.  Pour a few ounces of new paint into a jar for future nail hole touch -ups and scuff marks.  Who would have ever thought that Sherwin-Williams and Gerber would be a good combination!!


Bruce Crichton said...

I like the concept of small touch-up containers, but... May I make 2 suggestions?
First, small gladware or tupperware-type plastic containers are not breakable like glass jars and may actually seal better. And second, speaking of sealing wet paint from the air, I recommend dribbling a small amount of water on top of the wet paint to keep the air from skinning the paint and allowing airborne microbes from souring your carefully saved paint reserve.

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