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What Color Blue for a Little Girl's Bedroom?

Blues With Different Undertones -

In today’s post, we will examine three different Sherwin-Williams' blue colors that have blue undertones in three different saturations using the Sherwin-Williams' Color Visualizer.  We'll also take a look at two blues which have mixed undertones. According to Feng Shui principles, blue relates to thoughtfulness, constancy, and truth. It is calming, introspective and responsible, making it a good color choice for a bedroom.

Remember in the last post you learned that the more saturated the color, the purer it is. These colors will all have about the same value on their paint strips within their respective saturations. Remember that value refers to how light or dark a color is. Take notes because there is a quiz at the end of this post!!!

Since my oldest granddaughter wants a blue bedroom, I could present these three different blues to my daughter-in-law to decide. They are all pretty light but from different saturations. However, in reality how should we be doing this? That’s right. My daughter- in- law should pick out the drapery or bedding first because it’s easier to match a paint color to a leading pattern than vice versa.   We should also consider the flooring,  color of the furniture in the room as well as how much light the room gets. For purposes of this post, we are just going to look at the colors.

The first blue is called Tradewinds, SW6218, and is the least saturated of the three colors and is on the lighter side of its paint strip. I used this color in a bedroom that I was staging in a beachy theme.  The home seller loved it and the home did sell.

Tradewinds, SW6218

The next color of blue which is more saturated than Tradewinds but has the same level value on its strip – lighter- is Sherwin Williams' Byte Blue, SW6498. This color blue will reflect more light into the room than Tradewinds.

Byte Blue - SW6498

The third blue, the most saturated of the three, is Sherwin WIlliams' Aviary Blue, SW6778. It will reflect the most light of all three colors and is the boldest  because of its color intensity.  Children's bedrooms can take a bold saturation.  Just take a look at the colors of most of their toys. 

Aviary Blue - SW 6778

If my daughter-in-law  would like a beautiful blue that has blue-violet undertones and is a Sherwin-Williams' color for 2011, I could recommend Sherwin -Williams' Upward, SW 6239, which has the same saturation and value on its strip as Tradewinds. 

Upward - SW6239

Last but not least, supposing my daughter-in-law wanted a blue with blue-green undertones.  She might like another 2011 Sherwin-Williams' color, Breaktime, SW6463.  This color shares the same saturation as Byte Blue and the same value on its strip as all of the other colors.

Breaktime SW6463

What color do you like best for a girl's bedroom?  Can you share a picture with us? Which is your favorite color pictured here?  My red kitchen article did get some comments, which I like. Please don't be shy.  Go to my blog and leave a comment under this post. That's how we learn - by sharing our thoughts.

An Idea for You....

Real Simple - 869 New Uses for Old Things
Create an enchanting nightstand for a little girl's room.  Wrap a tutu around a kitchen stool and secure it with staples or double sided tape.  ~ courtesy of Real Simple


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