Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Can Find Home Design Trends for 2011 Here

Mixing Old With New - Decor Pad

What is in store for us in the world of  home design for 2011?  We already know that Honeysuckle is the new color. What other colors have you noticed in the linens department  of your favorite store? Gray?  Peacock blue?  Citrus yellow?  Avocado? Coral? Burgundy? I've also noticed more ethnic/global patterns in fabrics as well as the mixing of vintage with contemporary decor.  Remember all of those chandeliers with the glass  or crystal teardrops; the mercury glass candlesticks and lamp bases; the mirrored chests; the fabric headboards; the low, wide contemporary upholstered chairs; the drum-shaped lampshades; the use of slipcovers; the toile fabrics and wallpaper? (check out my new blog template)  They are still popular this year.  You'll also continue to see animal prints and animal-type figurines.  A duller-looking metallic gold finish will also continue its popularity as will vinyl wall art. Likewise, hardwood floors and granite countertops will still be coveted home improvements.

Animal Print Upholstery and Animal Figurine - Mission21 

Mixing Old and New for a Transitional Look - Elle Decor

Mercury Glass Lamps and Drum -Shaped Lampshades - Pottery Barn

Hardwood Floors and Slipcovered Chairs and Couch - Southern Living

What else is happening in home design for 2011? Are  we headed for still larger homes? What are the new colors for kitchen cabinetry? Is wallpaper in vogue? What design styles and elements are being combined?  Will there be continued interest in making our homes greener through  reusing or repurposing what we already have?  Take a look at this article from Houzz to learn more of the  proposed favorites in  home design/ decor for the new year.   

What is your take on all of this?  To what extent do you follow home design/decor trends? Do you repaint everything in Honeysuckle because it's the new color ?  Do you purchase new furniture to mimic the trends? OR - do you have your own personal style? Would love to hear your thoughts on this. To comment, just click on the blog title in this post Making Your Home Sing and it will take you back to this blog where you can leave a comment after this post if you received this post via e-mail.  If you are viewing this post on the actual blog, just go to the comment section below.

~ “People have said there is an integrity about me, and I think there is. I don't try to follow a trend. I have my own little path.”  ~ Sarah Brightman

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