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Christmas Tree Decorating 101

A Well-Decorated Christmas Tree and Ladder - Country Living

Are you like me and just starting to tackle decorating your Christmas tree with Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas” in the background and a hot cup of cocoa topped with mounds of whipped cream in hand? Sounds poetic, doesn’t it? If so, here are a few ideas to further enhance this pleasurable decorating experience.

The Ornaments on This Tree Reflect The Light From the Fireplace

To truly make your Christmas tree the focal point of the room, decide on a color scheme. Will it be red, green, and gold, or blue and silver, or pink and white? Likewise, a decorating theme will make your Christmas tree even more outstanding. You can use angels, Santas, snowflakes, seashells and starfish, or musical instruments just to name a few. Take a look at your existing ornaments to determine your color scheme and theme. You may have to purchase some additional ornaments, ribbons, and garland if there are not enough to make the color and theme statements you want. Consider incorporating natural elements such as twigs, grapevine, dried flowers, pine cones, berries and feathers to fill out bare spots in your tree.

Enhancing the White/Silver  Color Scheme By Using Snow- in- a- Can - Martha Stewart

A Nautical - Themed Christmas Tree - Coastal Living

When decorating your tree, start with the lights. To determine the number of lights you will need, multiply the height of your tree by 10 and that will give you the number of feet of lighting you will need. Before beginning, make sure all lights are working. Then starting at the bottom of your tree, weave the lights over and under the branches from the trunk outwards. To add depth and interest to the tree, you want to make sure that your lights are on the inside of the tree as well as the outside. Tuck the cord into the branches so it does not show. Don’t clump the lights together at the top of the tree as your topper should be showcased there.

Lights Wrapped Around the Branches of This Tree -

Once the lights are on, start adding your garland. You can run it from the top of the tree down tucking the garland about every 2 feet going down. You can also run the garland in circles around the outside of the tree or in a circle around the trunk of the tree.

Garland Running Down the Tree - Country Living

Next place your ornaments evenly throughout the tree. Place your larger ornaments toward the bottom and inside of the tree and your smaller ornaments at the top and outside of the tree.

Incorporating Feathers As Natural Ornaments - Style1RoomService.USA

Finally, you may need an attractive eye-catching tree topper such as a star, angel, Santa, feather grouping, or bow. Place a color-coordinated skirt under your tree to hide the stand and complete the look. You can use a festive tablecloth, throw, or some silk scarves instead of purchasing a traditional tree skirt. Last but not least, add some nicely decorated packages under the tree to make it look like good old St. Nick has just come down the chimney!

 A Red Star Completes the Red Color Scheme - Coastal Living 

Blue Plaid  and Solid Scarves Serve as The Skirt - Coastal Living

Packages That Coordinate With the Tree - Southern Accents


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