Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving/Fall Tablescape

A Beautiful Pottery Barn - Style Tablescape
I know I already wished all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, but I couldn't resist posting these pictures of my neighbor Judy's beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape.  The candelabra is from Pottery Barn as is the  burlap runner idea.  Judy purchased some burlap at a local fabric store and sheared the edges to get the right look. I think it really adds to the table - gives it a neutral pop of color.  I like this metal candelabra because it makes a grand statement on the table but allows for conversation because you can see through it.  As you can see, Judy added her southern touch by arranging magnolia leaves around the base of  the  metal candelabraVery clever  idea and also adds a pop of color. 

Judy's Beautiful Table

Here you can appreciate the entire tablescape.  Judy had some beautiful  fall earth-tone napkins which she folded and draped across the salad plates underneath the soup bowls. 

Burlap and Black Fabric Banded Around the Lampshades

To rhythm some color from the table to the chandelier, Judy added a band of burlap to her lampshades.  I suggested she also add a band of black fabric to repeat the black color in her metal candelabra.  Doesn't it look great?

Judy's Side Serving Table

Another interesting idea when you need a serving area and are limited on space, do as Judy did.  Purchase a temporary particle board table and skirt it and tuck it in a convenient corner to store food for serving. Take a look at her artwork on the wall.  Each piece is actually a metal picture of a chandelier which has an empty frame around it.  I saw this idea and loved it and encouraged her to do it for a different look. She has received many compliments about them.

Hope you all are enjoying or have enjoyed your Thanksgiving repast.  Here in Jacksonville, Florida, the temperature is 79 degrees.  I can smell our Turkey roasting in the oven so I had  better run and give my hubby ,Chef Richard, a hand. In ending, I 'd like to send you a Thanksgiving blessing I received this morning from Ballard Designs:

May your stuffing be fluffy
May your pillows be plump
May your potatoes and sofa
Have never a lump
May your yams be delicious 
And your dishes take the prize
And may your Thanksgiving decor
Be a feast for the eyes! 


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