Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Redesigning Your Home - Using Books as Decorating Accessories

Have you ever thought about using books in your decorating schemes? These literary treasures are for more than just reading!

Country Living

If you need to rhythm more of a certain color in a room, try using colorful books. You can also cover the books in a fabric which matches your upholstery or drapery. Other materials you can use on the books are wallpaper or wrapping paper. You could even spray paint books to match your d├ęcor.

When arranging your books vertically on shelves, start with the tallest book on the left side of the shelf and proceed so the shortest is on the right. The reason for this is that as in reading, your eyes start observing from left to right.

To add interest, don’t arrange all of the books vertically. Place some horizontally on the shelves which will enable you to place decorative items on a few of the books.
Create variety by mixing books with accessories on your bookshelves. Leave a shelf or two empty to give the eye a place to rest. You can also paint the back wall of your bookcase a bright color to tie in with your color scheme. The paint color will also serve to highlight your books and collectibles on the shelves.

Southern Living

Place books on your coffee table. They can serve as conversation pieces, complement your other accessories, add color, or add height to decorating items.

Decor Pad

Here we see a very creative “literary” coffee table. If you attempt this, make sure you use a good glue to bond the books together and the glass table top to the books.

Don’t be afraid to place a pile of books on a chair as a way to decorate your room. In this picture, the homeowner has even placed a decorative accessory on top of the pile.

Country Living

In the photo below we see a good example of symmetry with the two identical chairs and lamps. The homeowner uses books on the chest to get the perfect height for the floral arrangement.

On the mantel below, the books rhythm the colors of the other accessories and add vertical and horizontal lines to the grouping.


Purple is rhythmed throughout the vignette on this console table. Notice how the books pick up this color on the lower shelf and again add horizontal lines to this decorating scheme.

Last but not least for all you true decorating bookworms, try a real “bookshelf”! Attach “L” brackets to the wall. Use double-sided tape between the last page and the back cover of the first book to create a pocket or sleeve for the bracket to slide into that book. This will hide the bracket. Once this book is in place, pile on the other books.   You're "bound" to get compliments!

"Let books be your dining table
 And you shall be full of delight.
 Let them be your mattress
 And you shall sleep a restful night!"
 ~ Author Unknown


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