Thursday, October 7, 2010

Questions about Furniture Placement?

Decor Pad - Good Furniture Arrangement Allows for Good Traffic Flow

In my redesign travels or speaking engagements for women’s groups, I often get questions about furniture placement. Today’s post will focus on answering some of those queries.

Q. I am planning on purchasing new furniture for my family room. How much seating should I accommodate?

A. An average seating group should have enough seating to accommodate four to six people in comfortable sofas and chairs. After that, it’s time to pull up extra chairs or even ottomans.

Decor Pad - Seating Arrangement

Decor Pad - Seating Arrangement

Q. I feel like I have so much empty space near my entry staircase, how can I accentuate this area?

A. You can furnish the area under a staircase with a desk and chair, or chair, ottoman and table with accessories. I’ve even seen small loveseats and bookcases placed under, to the side, or in front of staircases. Don’t be afraid to place a chair or some decorative accessories like mirrors, vases with curly willow or large plates on stands on a landing leading up to your second story.

Decor Pad - Furnishing the Staircase Landing 

House of Turquoise - Furnishings - Side of Staircase

Decor Pad - Under a Staircase

Decor Pad - Bookcases on the Side of a Staircase

Q. I have a chair, table and lamp in a corner of my family room. Where should I have the lamp for best lighting?

A. If possible, avoid shadows by placing lighting to the left of the seat. Be sure the bottom of the lamp shade is higher than eye level when seated.

Decor Pad - Lighting on the Left Side of Seat

Southern Living - Lamp to Left of Seating

Traditional Home - Lamp to Left of Chair

Q. I am buying new furniture for my great room. My husband wants a recliner but I don’t like them. How can I fulfill his need for lounging and my desire for a more stylish look?

A. I get this question a lot. Recliners can be bulky and unattractive. Although, there are some smaller attractive models available. Try buying a chair and ottoman combination. This combination is much more versatile. When you have company, an ottoman can then be used for additional seating or even serve as another coffee table. If you absolutely have to purchase a recliner, buy one with legs as opposed to one which sits closer to the floor. It will not appear as bulky.

Decor Pad - Chairs with Ottomans

Decor Pad - Club Chair with Ottoman - Leggy Recliner

If you have a  decorating question, e-mail it to me at .

"Forget the floor plans.  Arrange the furniture where it is the most comfortable and will look best." ~  Albert Hadley - The Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer 


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