Monday, October 18, 2010

Decorating a Room - Where Do I Begin?

Where Do I Begin?

 The most frequently asked question about starting a decorating project is, “Where do I begin?” The answer – start with a leading pattern. A leading pattern is any influential, patterned furnishing or element in a room design such as wallpaper, fabric, art, a bedspread or area rug. Even a view can be a leading pattern.

Drapery - Leading Pattern - Elle Decor
Most people begin either with something already existing in the room such as carpeting. Or, if there is nothing to work around, they begin by choosing the paint color. The problem with selecting paint color first is that it will be difficult to exactly match the leading pattern.

Painting Without a Leading Pattern - Country Living
 Patterned area rugs make great leading patterns.

Area Rugs Provide Good Leading Patterns - Southern Living
Decorative fabrics used for upholstery, window treatments, or bedspreads make great leading patterns.

Fabrics Serve as Leading Patterns -

If you prefer solids and textures to patterns, let a piece of artwork determine the color scheme.

Artwork as Leading Pattern - Elle Decor

Why is a leading pattern the best starting place? Leading patterns convey the color scheme while revealing the design concept’s mood, feeling, style, and d├ęcor.

Design Board - A Light  Casual Mood -

When a pattern has both warm and cool colors, you can accessorize the room to change from a summer to winter environment.

Warm Brown and Cool Turquoise Colors in the Leading Pattern in the Rug - House Beautiful

What if there are already existing elements in the room? Even if you have several solid colored items such as flooring, countertops, or wall paint, still choose a pattern you really love. It will add interest and other colors.

The New  Leading Fabric on the Chairs Stands Out More Than the Existing Countertop and Hardwood Flooring - Southern Living

If you need help selecting a leading fabric and paint colors and are starting from scratch or working around existing furnishings, contact me.  I can prevent you from making an expensive mistake. 

"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way." ~Ed DeBono


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