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Sherwin Williams 2011 Paint Color Palette - Purely Refined

The Sherwin Williams Purely Refined 2011 color palette is elegant, tailored, and understated. Most of the colors are neutral hues lending themselves beautifully as backdrops to rooms filled with bright accent colors. I have featured  a few of them here in various rooms and exteriors, some alone, others with coordinating colors. Take a peek and let me know which color(s) you like the best. Could you see yourself using any of these in your home? I love your comments so don’t be afraid to leave them.

Pictured in the kitchen above are two Sherwin Williams paint colors from this palette, Svelte Sage SW6164  and Classic Light Buff SW0050.  This duo provides just the right amount of contrast  for someone who is more conservative with color choices and wants to maintain a light bright room. They pair beautifully with the light wood of the breakfast bar, the stainless steel appliances, the black countertop and table and chairs.  Since Svelte Sage has  green undertones and Classic Light Buff has yellow undertones,  this is a  workable combination. 

This bedroom clearly beckons a color enthusiast.  Bracing Blue SW6242 is a beautiful hue which has blue-violet undertones. Couldn't you just picture a comforter and/or rug with hints of this color combined with some yellow-orange or blue-green?

For those of you who like the idea of using a  a  blue-violet color in your bedroom with a yellow-orange undertoned tan color for your accent wall, I've featured Upward SW6239 and Nuthatch SW 6088 (Where do they get some of these paint color names????)  Upward is a lighter version of Bracing Blue shown in the previous picture. Both colors share the same paint strip. Some say that your accent wall should be the wall behind your main focal point in the room since you are actually highlighting it.  Others say if that wall has windows on it , it should not be the accent wall.  What are your thoughts on this? 

Gray is making a big comeback in the design world. Here we see two different tones of gray.  The bedroom is the 2011 color in this palette called Light French Gray SW 0055 which has red-violet undertones.  In the hallway, I decided to use Link Gray SW6200 which has blue-green undertones.  Undertones can make quite a difference in the color. The yellow-orange artwork and flowers add the final touch.  Because all three of these undertones are complementary, they work beautifully together.

Come with me now to my large country French my dreams!! When picking exterior paint colors, you need to consider homes in the neighborhood, the color of the roof, color of the windows,  the direction the home faces, type of house and the landscaping colors. Since this home has a brown roof, I decided to use a color called Napery SW6386 which  is a cream color with yellow undertones as the main house color and to use the 2011 featured color Dutch Cocoa SW6032 which is a brown with red undertones on the front and garage doors and trim.  Normally,  I like to have the garage doors painted the same color as the house to make them disappear.  However, I like the contrast on this house.  When choosing an exterior paint color, read the paint chip to ensure the color is for exterior use.  To make your front door pop, use a semi-gloss or glossy finish. 

This home features a black roof which lends itself to a gray exterior.  The house is painted in  Aloof Gray SW6197 which has blue-green undertones and the garage door and trim are painted in the 2011 color of Peppercorn SW7674 which has red-violet undertones. Because these undertones are complementary, these color choices make a nice statement on this home. All we need are some orange flowers out front to complete the color trio.

Last but not least, another color worthy of mention is Queen Anne Lilac  SW0021.  I show it here in this bedroom with dark furniture. Since it has red-violet undertones, I like the way it looks with this furniture which has red orange undertones.  However, I could have also paired it with the lighter furniture which has more yellow undertones. Both color combinations work.  Definitely, a  very relaxing hue and quite regal by way of its name!

Selecting paint colors can be a daunting job.  There is so much to consider.  Pick the wrong  wall or trim color and you can throw everything askew.    Don't make an expensive mistake, call a trained paint color consultant - someone who knows the paint color undertones and how they complement one another and your flooring, appliances, window treatments,  furnishings and neighborhood!  For those of you in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas, I can be reached  at  904 - 553-0366.

Now back to that French country estate........!!!!  I can dream , can't I?


Nancy Reese said...

Mary, I'm a fellow colorist from Colorado. I'm on the hunt for the perfect blue for my office and your web site popped up when I googled french gray. I love your color descriptions. Are you familiar with the Behr or BM colors? I'd love to compare notes. Nancy

Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Nancy, please email me at

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