Sunday, September 19, 2010

7 Ways To Enlarge Your Rooms When Selling Your Home

Neutral Tones - Enlarge a Space - Decor Pad

When you are selling your home, room size is paramount. How can you make a small room appear larger?

Using Leggy Furniture Opens Up A Room -Decor Pad

Scale down the furniture. Reduce the amount of furniture in the rooms. Use smaller scale furniture over big chunky pieces. Choose furniture with legs showing as opposed to heavily upholstered pieces. This allows one to see through the furniture to the floor underneath to open up the space.

Large Artwork in Model Home

Minimal Bathroom Accessories - Model Home

Decorate with fewer but larger accessories – too many small accessories crowd a room and overtake it. Do groupings of larger mantel/ table accessories which are overlapped. Avoid crowding walls with too much artwork. Use larger pieces of art to fill the walls. Ensure minimal accessories are on bathroom and kitchen countertops.

Patterns Which Don't Overwhelm the Room - Decor Pad

Avoid overly busy patterns. Too many bold patterns in a room with fabrics and accent pieces can make a room feel smaller. Big prints, bold plaids, and large floral patterns can be too busy for a small space. Stick to solids and use texture in fabrics to add interest.

This Large Rug Defines the Sleeping Area - Decor Pad

Limit the number of area rugs – too many area rugs make the space look smaller because they chop up the flooring. By removing excess rugs, you can open up the flooring space and make the home look larger.

This Neutral Color Scheme Enlarges the Space - Coastal Living

Lighten up – Dark colors absorb the light making small rooms look even smaller. Lighter colors on walls, such as creams, light blues, light greens, and soft yellows expand the the room.

The Large Palm Tree in the Corner Draws the Eye Upward - Decor Pad

Add height – vertical lines do make a room look bigger. Use tall trees and bookcases to draw the eye upward. Hang the drapes above the normal window top level. To widen the windows, tie the drapery back to lighten the room and make it feel open and airy.

This Large Mirror With Circular Shapes to Match the Lamps Reflects Light Enlarging the Space - Decor Pad

Use the reflection – hang mirrors on walls to add visual space. Mirrors reflect light and can make a room feel open and airy.

If you need help making your home look and feel larger to sell it quickly and  you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, contact me for a home staging consultation at 904-553-0366.


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