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Sherwin Williams Paint Color Palette for 2011 - Restless Nomad

For those of you who like lots of bold colors – the Restless Nomad palette is for you. These colors have an international flair representing exotic hues from around the globe. Some of you may be comfortable doing an entire room in one of these colors; others may want to accent a wall, plant shelf or niche with them. In the pictures that follow, I will be showing examples of both.

Eclipse SW6166 - Shutters and Front Door

Eclipse is a neutral  green color which can be used on interior walls or exteriors.  I have this color on my front door in a semi-gloss and absolutely love it.  It looks good paired with tans and beiges.  Here, I have paired it with Familiar Beige SW6093 ( yellow-orange undertones) on  the house and Impressive Ivory SW7560 ( yellow undertones) on the trim.

Burgundy SW6300

In the next picture, notice how the Burgundy on the wall enhances the burgundy in the rug.
When using this color, you must also use a primer to get the correct shade. This color has
red-violet undertones and looks good with Sundew SW7688 which has yellow-orange


Purple Passage SW6551

I chose purple for this room because of the grey towels, sink pedestals, and black and white vases which all really complement the wall color.  The white curtains, bench, and wall add further drama to this bathroom because of their contrast.  You can usually  pull off bold dark colors in small rooms like bathrooms especially since they are rooms that you do not stay in for long periods of time. 

Indigo Batik SW 7602

In the photo above, I show another bathroom in bold Indigo Batik which has obvious blue undertones.  Notice how the white towels, sink, and toilet provide contrast creating a dramatic look.  I really do like this color - very rich and unforgettable.  

Alchemy SW6395

In the casual sitting room above, I have shown the color Alchemy which has yellow undertones.  As such, it is well paired with one of its contrasting colors Enigma SW 6018 ( red-violet undertones) .  Because the colors are muted, the room is calming.  Notice how the black chairs, table, and artwork anchor the room.


 Hopsack SW6109

Another favorite  color of mine is Hopsack which is a tan with yellow undertones.  In fact, I love all of the colors on its color strip # 16.  Kilim Beige SW6106 is Sherwin Williams most popular interior color.  Nomadic Desert SW6107 was a  featured 2010 SW paint color and Latte SW6108 is one shade darker than it. They are all beautiful neutral colors for your home.  In this picture, the adjacent wall is painted Decor White SW7559 (yellow undertones) creating a monochromatic look.

Gypsy Red SW6865

I thought I would have some fun with Gypsy Red, a very saturated color requiring a primer,  and use it as an accent color in this kitchen.  Love the black and white checked curtain and black baskets with it.  Red is always a great color for a kitchen or dining room.  It stimulates the appetite. Ever notice how many restaurants  have either gold or red walls? Both colors make you hungry!   Since this color is so bold, I toned it down a bit by using a complementing color, Nearly Peach SW6336, a less saturated hue with red-orange undertones. This works because red and red-orange are side-by-side on the color wheel.

Gypsy Red SW6865

In the picture above I feature Gypsy Red with a contrasting color Sprout SW6427 which has green undertones and is less saturated.  Again, look how great the black and white curtain and  other black items in the room look with them. 

Armagnac SW6354

Would you believe this is actually a monochromatic wall color scheme?  The beautiful color Armagnac works successfully in this room on an accent wall to highlight the fireplace because it is paired with Perfect Griege SW 6073 which also has orange undertones. Don't you love how the black table and chairs and accessories ground the room? 

Glitzy Gold SW6691

I've always loved the contrast of white and gold -  a very rich look.  Glitzy Gold in this bathroom really creates drama - again because of the white contrast.   In order to get the correct hue, a primer should be used. 

Exhuberant Pink SW6840

Are you really ready to jazz up your bathroom?  Pictured above is a truly saturated cheery color
duly named Exhuberant Pink which has red-violet undertones and also needs a primer to deliver the true color.  It really makes the wall behind the sink quite prominent.  Might be a fun color to put in a little girl's bathroom.  Iv'e paired it here with Morning Sun SW6672 which has yellow undertones and provides some contrast.

Monrail Silver SW7663

The last color I'm featuring in this palette is called Monorail Silver.  It's a great color for a bedroom and has red-violet undertones.  Here, I have paired it with a great contrasting color called Blonde SW6128 which has yellow-green undertones. Notice how well these colors are rhythmed in the bedskirt.

Hope you've enjoyed this post and that it has made you more receptive to expressing yourself through the use of color in your home.  I'd love to know which of these colors in the Restless Nomad palette are appealing to you. Please send me your comments.   I think I like them all! 


KeRobinson said...

Just found your blog, LOVE IT! Now to answer your question, I too love all the colors in the Nomad palette. The trend color 'gray' though I am having a hard time with. It is a draining color for me and so to have it in my own space, I would have to have it 'mixed' in order to use it. Like in a marble or wood finish.

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