Monday, August 30, 2010

The Pizzazz of Granite Countertops!

Beautiful New Granite Countertops - An Extended Breakfast Bar with Decorative Corbels

I recently had the pleasure of helping my neighbors, Jim and Carolyn, select granite countertops for their lovely home here in Jacksonville, Florida. They were tired of the neutral-colored Corian they currently had and wanted something with pizzazz in their kitchen which would hold up to daily use.

They had done their research and learned that granite is affordable, is available in hundreds of colors, does not harbor bacteria, is hard to scratch, and is resistant to burn marks from hot objects. 

Old Corian Countertops

Another Look at the Former Corian Countertops

Off we went to my local granite supplier. Carolyn and Jim were amazed at all of the choices in the showroom. However, they were fortunate to find two beautiful related slabs of Mascarello granite with lots of yellow color and mica (shiny silver minerals) in them in the warehouse section. Jim at first was hesitant but Carolyn knew right away that she loved them.

The couple wanted to extend their breakfast bar and have the granite installed almost up to their electrical outlets.  They wanted a rounded edge.  Their installer did a beautiful job complying with their wishes and even included a much nicer stainless steel sink.  Upon completion of the installation, he sealed the granite to preserve the color and clarity of the stone.  Carolyn and Jim will need to repeat this process once a year and have been instructed to clean their granite with mild soap and water and to immediately wipe up any spills because granite can stain.

A Beautiful Piece of Mascarello Granite

Why is granite so strong and colorful?  Why is each slab so unique? Granite is a natural stone product that was formed as a result of the Earth cooling during its early stages of formation. It is one of the hardest types of rock and is crystalline in nature. Crystalline grains fit together very tightly forming granite. Granite is composed of different minerals but quartz and feldspar are always components. These substances were pressed together over millions of years under immense pressure. The quartz and feldspar are the lighter colors, the whites and pinks that we see when we look at a piece of granite. The darker colors are produced by a variety of other minerals such as black mica or amphibole.

Beautiful Veins of Color in this Granite and a New Stainless Steel Sink Included
Granite, composed of larger crystals, was formed nearer to the Earth’s core where it cooled more slowly. This granite is usually lighter in color. Granite which was formed closer to the surface of the Earth cooled more quickly and consequently is usually a much darker color and a much stronger stone. The regions where granite is predominantly found are Brazil, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and the Scandinavian countries.

Granite is Installed Almost up to the Electrical Outlets

Now that you know the "scoop" on granite, give me a call  at 904-553-0366 to learn about incorporating this beautiful product in your kitchen or bathroom.  There are also many other countertop options available.

Resources - "How Granite is Formed" by April Starr at and


Linda Leyble said...

That's a great before and after! How much more per square foot was the granite vs. Corian??

Linda Leyble

Mary said...

Comparing Corian to granite is like comparing apples to oranges. Both are used for countertops but that's the only similarity. In some areas granite is actually cheaper. The price depends on the granite stone you choose and the type of Corian selected. Granite is a beautiful natural material with veining and character; Corian is man-made and uniform in appearance. Generally, the more color and detail in the granite, the more expensive it is. A good granite supplier will have a variety of price points on his products. Also, if the supplier can get a special deal on a slab of granite, he can pass that savings on to his consumer as was the case with my customers. They did not have to special order their granite. It was available right in the store. Since there are so many variables concerned in pricing both Corian and granite, it's difficult to give an exact price comparison.

Granite Worktops said...

I really appreciate after and before effects which we are shown in the image.i could not able to express that the make over is really like this.

Walter Stain said...

Your kitchen looks fantastic!! Love the coutertops and white cabinets! Such a great contrast.

Granite Countertops

mikaljains said...

Congratulations! This is the best thing, Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.
Rock & Co.

Mary said...

Glad you found the article informative. Feel free to share it.

Michigan Stones said...

This is an amazing blog about granite..i think this is the only blog having all types of granites in the world. thanks for sharing …keep on posting new articles…all the best..
@Granite Chandrakanth

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