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Paint Trends for 2011

Gentle Medley Palette - 2011 Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

Last Saturday, Sara , a realtor friend of mine, invited me to her home as the guest speaker at a breakfast she was having for a delightful group of people - her realtor friends, neighbors, and customers. I talked a bit about home staging but concentrated mostly on giving the attendees some tips on decorating and selecting paint colors. I figured I’d start talking as they were munching on delicious French Toast, grits, pastries, fresh fruit and other assorted goodies. I also brought samples of the Sherwin Williams 2011 featured paint colors so they could see these beautiful color palettes.

As promised in my last post, the next few posts will focus on the four 2011 Sherwin Williams paint color palettes. I’ll start with the one that was a big hit with Sara, our hostess. This palette is called Gentle Medley and the colors are described as” fresh, airy and innocent”. “They reflect not just a yearning for youthful innocence and gentler times, but also a refreshing honesty and lack of pretension that are thoroughly modern.” (from Sherwin Williams promotional brochure)

To display the featured  colors for you, I used the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer which is on their website.. You can either upload your own pictures onto the site or use one of their scenes which is what I did.

The first picture shows the featured color Whole Wheat SW6121 on the wall to the left and D├ęcor White SW 7559 complementing it on the adjacent wall. I have seen the Whole Wheat color in one of the condos I staged – it’s a beautiful tan hue and has yellow undertones. 

Whole Wheat on Left Wall and Decor White on the Right Wall
The next featured color which I absolutely love is called Chivalry Copper SW 6353. It has orange undertones and requires the use of a primer underneath to get the correct color. In this picture it is paired with Oyster Bar SW7565.

Chivalry Copper on Left Wall and Oyster Bar on Right Wall

Our hostess Sara fell in love with the combination of Chivalry Copper and Whole Wheat for her master bedroom because she had a comforter that just happened to showcase some very similar hues.  Here is a picture below of what that combination might look like in a bedroom . 
Chivalry Copper on Wall Behind Mirror and  Whole Wheat on Windowed Wall

The next color which is beautiful and soft for a bedroom or to create a spa-look in a bathroom is called Breaktime SW 6463.  It has blue-green undertones and would look great with accents that have red-orange or orange undertones ( pictured here in brown towels) for contrast or green or blue accents to complement .  The picture below shows this color in a bathroom

Two more featured colors which I really like are Supreme Green SW6442  ( green undertones) and Tiki Hut SW 7509  ( orange undertones). I've combined them below so you can see how great they look together.

Tiki Hut Behind the Mirror and Supreme Green Behind the Bed

Some other colors featured in this palette are Chartreuse ( yellow-green undertones)  SW0073, Mountain Road (blue-green undertones) SW 7743 and Sand Dune (yellow-orange undertones) SW 6086. Of the three, I'd probably use Sand Dune as an interior color. The chartreuse is a very saturated color and would probably best be used in small doses such as decorative accents. However, it doesn't look too bad in this picture because it's only on one wall and the black and white checkered curtains and black accents tone it down a bit. The opposite wall is Crisp Linen SW6378. The Green Mountain looks to be a great color for an exterior door or shutters.  I couldn't get the Visualizer to paint just the shutters so I am showing you the entire house in this color.

                                                                                                                                                             Chartreuse Behind Cabinets and Crisp Linen on Opposite Wall

Sand Dune

Mountain Road

So what are your thoughts about this palette?  Could you see some of these colors in your home?  If you are in the Jacksonville, Florida area and need help selecting paint colors, contact me.  Who knows, you may be one of the only people in your neighborhood with 2011 Sherwin Williams paint colors! 

Next post - The Restless Nomad Palette - Sultry - Exotic - Primal   


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