Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Desert Decor

Staging A Desert Property for Sale!!!

Just returned from my “activity–packed” vacation in Palm Springs, California. My husband Richard and I met my sister-in-law Elaine and her two daughters, Kelly and Karlyn, for a fun-filled week. Unfortunately, my brother Tom and other niece Kylene could not join us because of work commitments.

During the week, we shopped ‘til we dropped at the local outlets, visited some model homes to see some desert décor, had spa treatments and, to my surprise, went dune-buggying in the desert! Believe me, I am not the athletic type so the thoughts of careening around the desert in an open jeep were not very appealing to me. My nieces planned this surprise trip: I didn’t know what we were doing until we pulled up in front of the dune buggy!

Hubby Richard With Nieces, Kelly and Karlyn, Sister-in-law Elaine and Me!

Next thing I knew, we were speeding through the desert destined for some remote spot where we would be dropped off to explore the area. As you can see in the pictures below, we had quite a rocky climb to our destination - part way up the mountains to view an oasis complete with watering hole and palm trees where desert animals quenched their thirst. I was just hoping that I wouldn’t encounter any snakes, bears, or raccoons along the way. Every once in a while, either my sister-in-law or the girls would throw a stone into the brush around me to scare me. They delighted at how loud I screamed when I thought there might be a critter near me! My husband Richard held tightly to my hand as he guided me up the trail.

Climbing the  Desert Stairway

My nieces forged ahead of us and determined that we should not climb any closer because of a huge swarm of bees near the oasis so back down we came. Our driver was waiting for us below and then brought us to the Pacific Crest Trail, a path that dedicated trail blazers travel which starts in Mexico and goes all the way up through the desert and mountains to Canada. I could not imagine such a voyage, camping out in the desert with the natural surroundings providing the comforts of home. Definitely not for me!

Those California Girls Posing Again!

Richard, Me, and Karlyn and Kelly in Front of the Oasis

Part of the Pacific Crest Trail

We then proceeded to another area and saw where the Colorado River runs through the desert and also got a glimpse of the windmills which provide a source of energy for homeowners.

Colorado River and Windmills
As we left, we stumbled upon an old couch that someone had dumped which I thought would be a clever picture to introduce this post. From the photos, you can see all of the colors and textures present in the desert terrain. It was truly a beautiful sight. The tall mountains seemed to wrap themselves around the desert as if to shield it from some danger.

Elaine Views The Beautiful Desert/Mountain Terrain

Upon finishing our adventure, we returned home to freshen up and later grabbed a bite to eat at a local restaurant. Pictured below are my nieces completing their adventurous day enjoying a scrumptious ice cream dessert. Mission accomplished – they took Aunt Mary dune-buggying where she could really experience desert décor!

Kelly and Karlyn Consuming A Treat BeforeTheir Next Great Adventure!


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