Monday, July 26, 2010

Design Trends for the Future

Mark Woodman and Mary Habres Reviewing 2011 Featured Sherwin Williams Paint Colors
I recently had the privilege of attending a seminar about design and color trends of the future given by Mr. Mark Woodman, a dynamic designer, writer, and speaker who serves on the Board of Directors of the Color Marketing Group. Sherwin Williams sponsored this event as part of the Southeast Building Conference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida on Thursday, July 22nd.

What can we expect to see in the world of interior design in the next few years? As part of his presentation, Mark emphasized four stories that have globally influenced color, design, textures, and more.

The Ethereal story dictates softer furnishings that are more rounded or curved using coverings such as velvet and silk. Glass tile continues its design importance. Items such as lattice, wicker and ironwork are solid but see through.

Glass Tiles - Decor Pad
Lattice -look Vanity - Decor Pad

Curved Sofa in Velvet - House Beautiful

The Organica story is all about rougher textures which add a sense of history. Hand painted reclaimed floors and tabletops as well as recycled items remain big. Colors are earthy in tone.

A Take on Vintage Pepsi Bottle Cases - Pottery Barn
Rough Texture Via Jute Rugs - Pottery Barn

Hand Painted Floors - Decor Pad

Cross generational and cross cultural influences return in the Edge story. The urban landscape of warehouse spaces, vertical living and tight spaces begins to translate across lifestyles: the next big thing is small. Colored glass and LED lighting bring to home the look of control panels, smart phones, and computers. We’re always on the edge of the next advancement and homes will be a part of it. Colors and fabrics have a futuristic vibe.

Futuristic Mobile Office -

Futuristic Bed -

Architectural columns and moldings will return as part of the revival of “that old world look”. Neutral colors prevail in this Refined story but they are sparked by touches of rich golds and reds. The look is classic but has a touch of fun. Linens, toile prints and softly burnished finishes come into play for finishings and textures. Walnut emerges as the wood of choice, striking a balance of the pale and dark extremes of the past.

Column-like Moldings - House Beautiful
Toile Bedding - Decor Pad
Walnut Chest - Decor Pad

Crown Moldings - Decor Pad

These trends are here now and will prevail into the future as we look to reminisce about the past, preserve an eco-friendly environment and forge ahead to more space -conscious design and technology. Coming up in another post – what paint colors are in for 2011? Stay tuned!


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